Protect yourself and your home against wasps and yellow jackets!

It’s that time of year–soon they’ll be out in force and buzzing around your house or at a barbecue! Several species of yellow jackets and the European paper wasp are serious pests in the Seattle, Tacoma and Puget Sound area. 

Yellow jackets can nest in or on houses, in the ground, in rock walls, or hang their nests on trees and shrubs, while the European paper wasp commonly nests under eaves or in attics. These pests can become very aggressive when people venture too close to their nests.

They are a real problem when their nests are near doorways or on decks.  They are very sensitive to slamming doors and other movements around their nests.

They will even damage your home. Often, species nesting in attics and wall spaces can chew through sheetrock and enter a home–after which they wreak havoc by attacking the residents inside.

If you’re not completely knowledgeable about what you’re doing, do-it-yourself yellow jacket and wasp control can be dangerous and it’s best to use a professional. If you decide to do it yourself, it’s best to treat the nest at night. If you destroy a nest in a wall, be sure to plug the entrance hole after a few weeks.  Yellow jackets may reuse entrance holes in siding and build new nests if you don’t plug them once the activity ceases.

Yellow jacket and paper wasp nests die out each fall and they never reuse old nests.  The following spring, queens build new nests.  They may reuse old entrance holes in walls and attics and build new nests. Paper wasps will build new nests right next to old uninhabited nests.

YELLOW JACKETS’ OR PAPER WASP STINGS CAN BE DANGEROUS. Venom injected from a sting can cause a severe allergic reaction which may require medical attention.  In highly sensitive people, such stings can be fatal if untreated.