Winter Pest Control

As winter continues, you may be thinking about how to best take care of your landscape. How can you protect and keep your grass healthy? During fall, plants are focused on building up nutrient reserves, not fighting off invaders. So, how can you keep your trees and shrubs safe from unwanted pests and diseases as spring approaches? Paying attention to your landscape in the winter prepares it much better for spring.

1. Take Care of Pests Immediately

Giving your plants an extra layer of defense against pests is essential for a vibrant lawn and garden during the springtime. The professionals at Whitworth Pest Solutions know how to identify exactly what pest is attacking your plants, or which insects and diseases your trees need protection against.

2. Remove and Prevent Weeds

Taking care of weeds immediately, as well as applying a pre-emergent herbicide, will drastically cut down on the amount of work needed in spring.

3. Clean Fallen Plant Matter

Fallen leaves, leftover fruit and broken branches need to be removed as they occur. Fallen leaves and fallen fruit spread diseases–so cleaning them up helps plants to stay healthy. Removing dead or broken branches allows the plant to divert much needed resources to the healthy portions of the plant—improving overall health and aesthetics.  

4. Use Mulch for Surface Protection

Mulch insulates the ground below from icy winter temperatures, protecting plant roots and providing access to water. When preparing mulch, avoid using moist or diseased leaves that may contain pests or mildew.

Contact the Professionals for the Best Tree and Lawn Care in Tacoma.

When it’s time to winterize your lawn, relying on professional plant and pest control experts guarantees amazing results. At Whitworth Pest Solutions, we take care of these aspects of tree and lawn care to give your plants a healthy start in spring:

  • Insect detection and elimination
  • Disease identification and treatment
  • Pest prevention
  • Fertilization
  • Lawn aeration
  • Weed control
  • Fall plant and lawn care services

Contact us for the best pest control and lawn care services in Tacoma, Gig Harbor and Puyallup and enjoy a stunning, pest-free lawn all year round. To get started on these tasks or to get ahead of the game, reach out to us at (888) 959-1818 to schedule a landscape care evaluation.