Nothing will ruin a beautiful morning in the Puyallup, WA area like waking up to find spiders in the bathroom. Unfortunately, many of us residents have experienced this situation. We stumble groggily into the bathroom one morning, turn on the light while we’re still squinting, and suddenly notice an 8 legged friend scrambling around the bottom of the sink or tub once we can finally focus our eyes. This morning jolt wakes us up faster than a cup of coffee.

The bathroom is just one of many places that a spider loves to visit while in your home. One of the obvious benefits is that there is usually a lot of moisture in your bathroom. Not only is this a source of water for spiders that need it (some spiders don’t need water), but it is also a source of water for other insects that spiders love to feed on. As scary as they can often be, spiders are actually one of the best natural pest controls available.

Another attractive aspect of the bathroom is that it offers a number of dark and solitary hiding places for spiders to make their webs. As humans, we don’t spend as much time in the bathroom as we might think. Spiders prefer solitude and do not enjoy spending time with us, so they prefer these often vacant rooms. They will seek out the quiet corners of your bathroom, spin their webs and wait for other insects to join their dinner feast as the main course.

How Spiders Get into Your Bathroom

Spiders can get into your bathroom a number of ways. They can come through open windows or other tiny openings that are not tightly sealed. They will also enter your home through other rooms and then travel across the ceilings, floors or walls of your home to get to the bathroom.

It is a common misconception that spiders crawl up out of the drains to get into your home. This is probably because of those classic movie scenes that show hundreds of spiders pouring out of the drains to scare hapless victims. The reality is that spiders don’t want to be in your tubs and sinks. They most likely fell in there by accident. The surfaces of a tub or sink are often too slippery for them to climb their way out. Spiders also can’t make their way through the slippery U-shaped pipes to come up through the drain either.

Spiders are truly fascinating creatures despite their scary reputation. It is certainly worth taking the time to learn more about the many habits and species of these natural insect predators.

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Featured image: Artazum/Shutterstock