what diseases do rats carry in WA house

Rats are one of the worst pests you can have in your home or business―but not only because of their destructiveness. Rats are known to spread dozens of diseases, infecting millions of people all over the globe.

As they pose a serious health risk here in Seattle, it is important to educate yourself in order to ensure the appropriate steps are being taken to avoid a problem on your property.

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How Do Rats Spread Diseases?

  • Direct Transfer of Disease – Rats can pass diseases directly to humans in various different manners. The most direct method being through biting. If a rat has bitten you, seek immediate medical attention. Physical contact like handling or disposal of infected rats can also spread disease directly as they can contaminate food, dust, and air with their urine, feces, saliva, and hair. Recovering from a rodent infestation requires professional attention for these many reasons.
  • Indirect Transfer of Rat Disease – Rats can bring a variety of other pests with them. Ticks, mites, and fleas like to live on rats and can pass on diseases from the infected rodents. These insects can get infected by biting the rats, and also may bring their own set of diseases which they then go on to pass those ailments to pets and family members through biting or other contact.

Which Diseases Can Rats Spread?

Rats famously caused a rampant spread of the plague in Europe during the Middle Ages. They have also contributed to a massive bacterial plague outbreak on the United States’ West Coast in Los Angeles during 1925. While these types of plague infections are typically limited to rural areas now, rats still carry other diseases.

  • Hantavirus – Various rodents carry this potentially deadly disease in the Western part of the United States.
  • Tularemia – Naturally occurring in every state throughout the continental United States, this disease can be life-threatening if not appropriately treated with antibiotics.
  • LCM (Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis) – An estimated five percent of all house mice in the United States can transmit this virus which can cause neurological damage.

How Do I Know If I Have Rats?

Rats may be hard to detect at first because they are nocturnal. However, there are identifiable signs that can indicate their presence.

  • Sounds in walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Abnormal behavior amongst your pets
  • Damage from burrowing or gnawing
  • Droppings
  • Bones or other debris from their food

How Can I Get Rid of Rats?

Prevent rats by denying them access to food and shelter. If you develop a rodent infestation, do not try to handle it yourself. As the stakes are high, it is important to contact a professional pest control company immediately.

Rat Control Seattle

Rat disease has made its mark on history―do not let it be a part of your future. Rodent infestations are one of the most disturbing types of pest control problems a homeowner or business can experience. Contact Whitworth Pest Solutions to take effective, immediate action as soon as you suspect you have a rodent problem.

In roughly four decades serving the Seattle area, we have become experts at understanding rodent behavior. This allows us to assess and control any rat or mouse situation quickly. We also take effective preventative measures to ensure your property does not suffer going forward. We respond to each call with a sense of urgency, so reach out today and get rid of your rodents as fast as possible!

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