Mosquito season is bearing down on us, and the threat of occurences of West Nile Virus in Washington State is very real. There are common sense things that we all can do around our properties to make our home or business less inviting for mosquitoes:

  • Eliminate water-trapping containers like old tires and cans.
  • Empty bird baths weekly; empty pet water dishes or wading pools weekly.
  • Clean debris from rain gutters regularly to prevent standing water.
  • Dump water off of tarps over boats, garden areas, pool or Jacuzzi covers.
  • Drain or fill tree holes, mud puddles, and re-grade landscape to prevent standing water.
  • If you have ornamental ponds, stock them with insect eating fish, like goldfish.
  • Do not over-water your lawn so that puddles accumulate.
  • Do not use insect electrocuters (bug zappers) to kill mosquitoes. They kill many more beneficial insects than mosquitoes and often draw more insects to your house than ever before.
  • Do not apply any pesticides to water.  A state Department of Agriculture license and Department of Ecology Permit are required to treat water.