As an award-winning pest control service, Whitworth Pest Solutions has a proven track record safely identifying, removing and preventing harmless and venomous spiders in Washington. Look for these common conditions that attract spiders and we’ll work with you to remove and prevent further spiders from affecting your home.

Our solutions are healthy, safe and designed to keep your home free from additional infestations. Whether you’re only dealing with spiders or if you need a range of residential pest solutions, work with a leader in Seattle and throughout Washington. Don’t continue to struggle with seasons of large spider populations, but prevent them from entering your home with these steps.

What Can Prevent Spiders?

Thankfully, there are ways that you can prevent spiders from continuing to enter and multiply in your home. Here are some basic prevention tips that work for most households:

  • Clean your house: Your basement, eaves and unused areas of your home are ideal for spiders to live. Thoroughly cleaning removes their webs and discourages them from staying.
  • Seal exterior gaps: Gaps around your windows and doors not only let in cold air in the winter, but encourage spiders to enter year-round. Seal these to protect your home from unwanted pests.
  • Close or screen your windows: An open window is often an open invitation for spiders and insects. Use screens or find another way to cool off your home this summer to prevent additional pests.
  • Trim bushes and trees: Greenery around your home may provide curb appeal and privacy, but any branches and bushes touching your home are great avenues for insects and spiders to reach your home and find a way in.
  • Control other pests: Unfortunately, spiders are typically attracted by insects. A large population of spiders is typically a sign of another infestation. Remove the spiders’ food source and you’ll prevent more pests from entering your home.

These basic tips apply to most homeowners. For a more detailed prevention list for your particular home, work with our expert team at Whitworth Pest Solutions. We’ll inspect your home and yard and identify potential access points. From there, we can work with you to prevent an infestation in the future.

Discover Professional Spider Control Services in Washington

Homeowners now can enjoy pest-free homes thanks to our safe, effective services. Contact us today at Whitworth Pest Solutions to discuss your spider infestation issue. We’ll work quickly to identify any arachnids, provide efficient removal services and find effective prevention steps for your home.