What Are Spiders Attracted To? - Whitworth Pest SolutionsSpiders are pretty misunderstood creatures. They perform a valuable service by eating harmful insects that can carry diseases like mosquitos, flies, and other insects. They’ve adapted to live outdoors where wood piles, debris, and overgrown trees and shrubs shelter them.

Spiders can enter your home for various reasons, often centered around survival. In the fall, spiders will often enter your house seeking mates. While they tend to be harmless visitors, you should be aware of what attracts spiders to prevent an infestation.

Let’s take a look at what makes your home attractive to spiders.

What Can Attract Spiders?

Spiders have specific needs. If your home provides these conditions, spiders will find a way to get in and establish themselves. For the most part, they are very private creatures that live in out-of-the-way places like dark corners of the basement or attic. Once they’ve become established, if your space provides enough of their needs, you could face a spider infestation that will need professional treatment. Here are some of the things that can attract spiders into your home.


Spiders are one of nature’s best domestic pest controllers. So what do spiders eat? Anything from drain flies to mosquitos, fruit flies, cockroaches, clothes, moths, and more. Research what insects spiders in your location are most attracted to, and then take steps to eliminate them from your home. If you remove their food source, spiders will seek a home elsewhere.


Spiders migrate and seek safe shelter to survive the cold winter months. Warmth is a major attractant.


While some species get their hydration needs from food, others prefer to drink from standing water sources, like sinks or bathtubs. To reduce the risk, make sure to keep taps closed tightly and remove standing water sources.


Make sure to take care of your household waste. Trash can attract insects, which will, in turn, attract spiders.

High Humidity

Some species, like house spiders, are attracted to moisture and humidity in the air. As a result, they will seek out their prey in areas of high humidity, like the attic or basement.

Having a few spiders in your home isn’t a big deal. However, if they’ve taken hold and you have a spider infestation, you need to seek professional help. If you live in the greater Seattle area and have a spider problem, give the experts at Whitworth Pest Solutions a call. We can identify the spider species, design a customized plan to remove them from your home, and keep them from coming back!