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Many of us that live in Puyallup, Washington, and the Seattle area are not very fond of spiders. These creepy crawlers are often the thing of nightmares and send even the bravest of us scurrying out of the room. Some of the fear is warranted, as certain species of spiders do have venomous bites that can cause serious problems.

Below are five of the most common types of spiders in Washington State and how you can quickly identify them. If you have any questions or if you are having a spider infestation problem, don’ hesitate to call Whitworth Pest Solutions!

Discover safe and effective ways to prevent spider infestations and remove spiders from your home. Whether you’re concerned about poisonous spiders in your home or dislike anything with eight legs, our team at Whitworth Pest Solutions can assist you in restoring your peace of mind and sense of safety in your home. Find out what are the most common spider types in Washington State and explore your options in safely removing these pests from your home or yard. Enjoy a pest-free home and prevent dangerous spiders from entering your living space.

How Do I Prevent Problems With Spiders?

Professional, award-winning extermination and prevention strategies are the most effective way to deal with unwanted spiders in your home. However, there are several strategies you can use to limit the number of spiders and pests. Use these and ask about other strategies specific to your home and area. Some issues can be easily solved with a few minor changes.

Look for cracks and other small openings around your home. Use spray foam insulation, caulk or different recommended sealant strategies to seal cracks near your foundation, holes in your siding and gaps around utilities. Common entrances are cracks near your windows and doors or around pipes and wires entering your home.

Inspect the door sweeps throughout your home. These are common entrances for spiders and other insects. Don’t just inspect exterior doors, but check out the door sweep of your basement. Even conditioned basements are frequent homes for spiders and insects, so be sure to prevent them from spreading throughout your home.

Schedule time to do some spring cleaning. Cleaning webs and dusting can eliminate many homes and hiding places for spiders. Take some time to inspect your yard for environments that may harbor spiders, like rock, grass or leaf piles.

Look for items that commonly travel between your yard and home. Firewood, gardening tools, and other items may be the perfect transportation for spiders to enter your home. Ask a professional at Whitworth Pest Solutions about tips and tricks to prevent these items from bringing more pests into your home.

Black Widow Spider

The most infamous of all spiders is the black widow. The female black widows are easily identifiable by their shiny black color and the signature red marking on their belly that looks like an hourglass. They are about a half-inch in length.

Black widows prefer to live in dark and undisturbed locations. You will typically find them outside in woodpiles, bales of hay and down in water meter boxes. If they make their way inside your home, they like little-used areas of your basement, garage, or crawl spaces.

While their bites are venomous, they typically will only bite in self-defense. Most people just experience mild symptoms, but the bites can cause serious health issues and should be checked by your doctor first.

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Yellow Sac Spider

Contrary to their name, these garden dwelling spiders are not always yellow in color. They are active night hunters and may make their way from your garden into your home in search of food. Once inside they use their excellent climbing skills to make their way up your walls to your ceiling.

They also will bite humans out of self-defense, and their bite is often painful, like a bee sting. The bite will turn red and be painful but will go away in a few days.

Hobo Spider

These shy spiders are dark brown and grow to be about an inch long. They are not aggressive biters and will most likely scurry away from you if disturbed. Hobo spiders will spin funnel-shaped webs in cracks and try to lure their prey in to catch them.


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Cellar Spider

As their name suggests, these pale yellow or light brown colored spiders will set up shop in your basements or crawl spaces. They are not biters and are typically nothing more than just a nuisance.




Wolf Spider

Perhaps the scariest looking are the large Wolf spiders. These solitary creatures are colored with black, brown, and grey patterns resembling a wolf hide. They rarely come indoors, and bites from these spiders are extremely rare.

If you want to rid your home of any of these spiders, then seek professional extermination help from Whitworth Pest Solutions.

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Prevention and extermination solutions are unique to each environment. The best way to prevent the most common spider types in Washington State from entering your home is to contact us at Whitworth Pest Solutions. Our experienced team can identify any issues around your home and yard and work to provide environmentally friendly, non-invasive pest control solutions.

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