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Seattle is known for its temperate weather, so it’s nice to be outside when it’s not raining. Entertaining in the backyard allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and spare the mess in your house at the same time. Don’t let bugs crash your party– follow these simple tips to help keep insects out of your backyard.

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Beat Backyard Insects With a Bonfire

If you have a fire pit or other place to build a fire during your next party, you should take advantage of that as a way to keep bugs at bay. The smoke itself keeps insects out of your backyard, and you can burn some sage in the fire to increase the effect. As an added bonus, you’ll get to enjoy conversations and s’mores around the fire.

Grow Plants That Repel Bugs

There are a lot of options for plants that can help keep backyard insects from coming to your property. Many of these plants have strong scents that humans find appealing, so you’ll enjoy them just as much as the bugs hate them. Consider adding some of the following to your landscaping scheme:

  • Lavender – This plant looks and smells beautiful, and it will help keep insects under control in your yard. Be warned, bees do like lavender, so you might see some of those. Other than that, bugs can’t stand this plant.
  • Marigolds – This is one of the most popular options when it comes to repelling insects with plants. A compound that’s found naturally in marigolds is actually in a lot of commercial insect sprays because of how effective it is.
  • Catnip – If you’re a cat owner, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Your feline will love you for growing this treat, and some experts believe catnip is even better than DEET at repelling insects.
  • Petunias – This option depends on the kind of pests you’re worried about. Petunias actually attract caterpillars and slugs, but they’ll help keep aphids and some other insects out of your yard.
  • Mint – Mint repels mice, ants, and various other insects.
  • Basil – This herb can add terrific flavor to Italian food and other dishes, and it also happens to keep flies and other pests away.
  • Rosemary – Another popular cooking herb with multiple uses, rosemary thrives in containers and repels insects. It’s native to drier climates and will do best in containers under some cover.
  • Garlic – Bugs will generally stay clear of this root vegetable.

Have Insect Repellent Available

Get a good insect repellent (one option is any containing DEET) and keep it on hand just in case. Make it available to your guests if they are still being bothered by various insect pests, including mosquitoes.

Get Professional Insect Treatment for Your Property

This is a must-have solution for backyards with persistent insect problems. The right pest control company will be able to treat your lawn, trees, and shrubs to make them less inviting for insects. Landscaping pest control treatment will help keep all of your plants healthy and make sure your guests don’t get swarmed at the next backyard party.

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