Winter Bugs

You may think that bugs will completely disappear after the summertime ends, but for Seattleites, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Some bugs and pests may stop appearing during the winter time, but they’re quickly replaced with other insects that are seeking shelter from the cold.

The below insects are commonly spotted during the winter months in Washington state. If you see any of these pests lingering in your home during the next few months, make sure to call Whitworth Pest Solutions right away. We’ll make sure your home stays pest free and your family stays comfy during the holidays.

Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs are foul-smelling insects that attempt to come indoors to survive the winter cold. Initially, they’re lured toward houses during the late summer and fall. Then, they will enter your home through cracks in doors, windows and anywhere else they can. If you find a Stink Bug, do not crush it. The bug releases a potent stench. Instead, contact a professional pest exterminator and seal any major cracks.

Bed Bugs

Unlike other pests, Bed Bugs do not enter your home through crevices or cracks. Instead, these hard-to-eliminate bugs get into clothes, luggage, purses, and linen before spreading to beds and other furniture. To prevent these nasty little pests wreaking havoc in your home, hang your clothes when staying in a hotel. Traveling during the holiday season increases the risk of exposure. Avoid using the dressers and vacuum your suitcase when you get home. For more extensive information, visit:

Houseplant Pests

Houseplants are a great refuge for bugs in winter. Bringing greenery into your home to combat the winter blues can sometimes lead to issues with aphids, mealybugs, spiders, and gnats. While these types of bugs tend to be harmless to humans, they can spread to your other houseplants and when left unchecked, continue to increase in numbers inside. To prevent these pests, make sure that any plants you bring in from outside do not have obvious signs of bug infestation.


With red shells and black polka dots, ladybugs are generally considered to be harmless and cute. However, there are two types of ladybug species; and one can be a nuisance in your home. The Asian Lady Beetle looks very similar to a regular ladybug, except its shell is more orange than red. These bugs can leave behind yellow stains and odor issues around your home if not removed sooner. To prevent an infestation, make sure to seal cracks and check that your windows fit properly.

When Should “Winter Bugs” Be Treated by a Professional?

If you notice any of these pests inside of your home during the wintertime, call a professional pest control company immediately to avoid a serious infestation. Preventative pest control with Whitworth Pest Solutions is the best course of action to prevent these invaders from entering your home in the first place. Our team will seal all major cracks and openings and come up with preventive strategies to protect your home year round.