Spider Infestation in Your Home

Photo credit: Donna Hayden/Shutterstock

As we enter the colder, shorter days of winter in Washington, we seem to have fewer insects and spiders. Most don’t necessarily die but have developed interesting methods of survival. Spiders, in particular, have come up with inventive ways to stay alive through cold winter nights.

How Do Spiders Survive Winter?

Many spiders lay their eggs in the fall. That means that as the weather turns cooler, spider hatchlings have to be creative to survive. When the eggs hatch, the hatchlings often spend the winter months in their egg sacks to stay warm.

All spiders undergo a cold-hardening process to make it through the winter. On fall nights when it gets cold but doesn’t freeze, their bodies begin to create antifreeze compounds. Chemically, they’re much like the antifreeze we put into our cars. These chemicals build up in their tissues in order to prevent them from freezing in the cold.

Where Do Spiders Go In Winter?

Different species have developed different techniques for staying alive during the winter months. Some hide in brush piles or under dried leaves, where they remain insulated under the snow. Other species lay their eggs in the spring, giving the youngsters a chance to acclimate and grow before winter comes. Still, others find their way into homes, living in a basement, attic, or crawl space for the winter.

Spiders are cold-blooded creatures and while some like to live in our homes year round, most that enter in the fall are simply looking for a warm place for the winter. Others will come inside and, thanks to the pleasant surroundings, will stay.

Signs of Spider Infestation

While having a few spiders over the winter is not a bad thing (they do eat insects) the problem comes when they begin to lay eggs and decide to stay.

If you’re seeing signs like spider webs around your home or business, in the eaves, or around the window sills, you may have a problem. Another sign is spider egg sacs. You’ll find these attached to webs, under tables, or carried by the mother herself. Each of these egg sacs can carry up to 100 eggs. When they hatch, you can have a spider infestation.

If you live in the Puyallup, Washington area, and you suspect you may have a spider problem, give the professionals at Whitworth Pest Solutions a call. We’re experts at identifying and devising ways to eliminate spiders using environmentally friendly chemical solutions. Ask about our residential and commercial programs.