Seven Tips to Keep Ants out of Your Home

Nobody wants ants in the house. Unfortunately, they love infiltrating Seattle homes and businesses. These pesky insects can be hard to contain, but there are measures you can take to keep them out of your space. Follow these tips to help make it less likely to end up with ants in the house:

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1. Understand What Attracts Ants

Aside from a reprieve from inclement weather, ants are primarily seeking three things: food, water and a place to live. Exploring for food and water is why they’re most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. Keep an eye out for ants in those areas to make sure you’re not on the verge of an infestation. It’s a good idea to give special attention to those rooms when you’re treating your home to protect it from ants.

2. Know that “One or Two Ants” Is Not Harmless

Many people aren’t very concerned if they find only a single ant inside or even a few. Ants, however, are good communicators, and any one of them that finds a potential food/water source will let the rest of the colony know. Those “one or two ants” inside can turn into dozens or hundreds fairly quickly once a food/water source is found. If you see a few ants inside only occasionally, it may mean that you have a nest nearby, and you need to exterminate those few ants before they can tell the rest of their friends about your home.

3. Hide Your Food!

Crumbs, open containers, and other food scraps are easy pickings for ants. Keep food in airtight containers, and clean up after your cooking messes as soon as possible. When there’s nothing for ants to eat, they’re less likely to be around.

4. Wipe Up Spills and Moisture

Don’t let water sit around on your sink, floor, or anywhere else. Moisture, like food, presents a valuable resource for ants. Don’t provide them with a free water source.

5. Block Them Out

Any place that can let drafts of wind into your home is often big enough for ants to squeeze through too. Use caulk to seal the areas around doors and windows to keep ants out. If everything is sealed, you’ll be better protected from these tiny intruders.

6. Search and Destroy

It may not be easy to locate an ant colony because they don’t often have the large nests you might expect to see. If you’re having a hard time locating ant nests, look for busy ant trails close to the home outside and try to follow them. If there is not an obvious trail but there are ants outside moving in a seemingly random way, leave something sweet where the ants can find it, then see if a trail develops that you can follow to a nest. Once they lead you to a nest, destroy it.

7. Empty the Trash

If your garbage is uncovered and overflowing, it will look like a buffet to ants. Empty trash regularly, and don’t keep external trash receptacles too close to your home. This will help keep your house clean and make it less attractive to pests. The same applies to recyclables—especially soda, beer, and wine containers.

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To get ants out of your house, or prevent them from coming before it becomes a problem, call Whitworth Pest Solutions. Our experienced technicians have the know-how to keep your home free from these pests. Contact us today to make your home or business less welcoming for unwanted pests.

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