American Cockroaches

While American cockroaches may not be the most common in Puyallup, Washington, they are by far the biggest. If you find that you are dealing with this larger member of the cockroach family, then read on to learn more about these enormous pests and how best to keep them from taking up residence with you.

What Does an American Cockroach Look Like?

The best way to determine if you are dealing with an American cockroach is by its size. They can range in size from about an inch and a half to up to two inches in length. An American Cockroach is two to four times the size of the more common German cockroaches that you may see in Puyallup.

They typically have a reddish brown color on their oval-shaped bodies and large wings, which they can use to fly short distances. They can also be identified by a unique figure 8 pattern that is located just behind their head.

How to Prevent American Cockroaches

These good-sized cockroaches have an equally large appetite. If you see them in your home, they are likely looking for an easy meal. The best way to prevent them from living in your home is to keep your home clean.

Cleanliness might be an obvious answer, but when dealing with American cockroaches, it’s all about cutting off their food supply. Be sure to keep your foods sealed in airtight containers. You also need to avoid letting dirty dishes sit for long periods of time on your countertops or in your sink. This is an open invitation for these big eaters to come over for dinner.

How to Get Rid of American Cockroaches

You can certainly try any of the many over the counter products available at your local store. Unfortunately, these tend to be temporary solutions that will not keep these unsightly pests from coming back. When dealing with these gigantic unwanted guests, you are better off letting Whitworth Pest Solutions handle your American cockroach infestation.

To take care of your American Cockroach problem, you can turn to Whitworth Pest Solutions and their proven method of eliminating these pests. They begin by thoroughly inspecting your location. Then their team of experts will design a plan with a schedule of treatments. Once the treatments are completed, they will perform follow-up evaluations to make sure that your American Cockroach issue is gone for good.

Contact Whitworth Pest Solutions today and let their team of experts make your American cockroach problem go away.