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A healthy vigorous lawn usually has minor problems with broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover, but lawns that have been neglected or have been stressed due to lack of water or excessive shade are susceptible to weed invasion. Lawns that are near wild areas tend to have more serious problems with weeds due to seeds blowing in from those areas. Weedy grasses such as annual blue grass will also invade lawns that are stressed and will make a lawn look spotty. Unfortunately, weedy grasses are almost impossible to control. Sometimes the best solution is to periodically kill the whole lawn and replant. Broadleaf weed control is available to our lawn customers, as needed. We can perform these applications once or twice a year. Often we recommend two applications (spring and fall) the first year, but in future years, one treatment per year is enough.
Nuisance Weeds
Nuisance Weeds in Pastures or Vacant Lots Child Page of Weed Control)_image2A weed is a plant growing where it is not wanted and generally considered to be a nuisance. Weeds can be annoying for many reasons, including being unsightly and limiting the growth of wanted plants by taking up nutrients or blocking light. In gardens, shrub beds, or pastures they can interfere with the health of plants you actually want to grow. In parking lots, gravel areas, or vacant lots they’re unsightly and make these areas look shabby. Often weeds can simply be pulled or hoed out. Grassy weeds, blackberries, and brush, however, cannot be easily pulled once they are established. When this happens, treating with an herbicide is often the best solution. Follow-up treatments are usually necessary to keep them from becoming re-established. There are a variety of herbicides to choose from. All must be applied carefully to prevent damage to wanted plants. Pre-emergent herbicides can be used to prevent weed seeds from germinating. Selective herbicides will kill broadleaf plants, but not hurt grass. Contact herbicides are generally non-selective and kill anything they are applied on. Soil sterilants kill existing plants and create a residual barrier to prevent future weed growth for up to one year. If you would like help with your weed problems, contact us.
Noxious Weeds
Noxious weeds are generally exotic (non-native) plants that have invaded the area. With no natural parasites or predators, they often grow out of control and take over large areas. Once established, they can be highly destructive and difficult to control. They can reduce crop yields, destroy plant and animal habitat and reduce recreational opportunities. Washington State rates noxious weeds into three classes. Class A weeds must be eradicated by law; for classes B and C control is strongly recommended. Common noxious weeds include tansy ragwort, scotch broom, Canada and bull thistle, knapweed, and poison hemlock. Whitworth Pest Solutions has worked for many years with county and state officials, as well as private parties, to help control and eradicate noxious weeds. We have the expertise to handle a wide variety of weed control problems. Whether it’s in an industrial setting, a pasture or a lawn, we have the right treatment to fill your need.
Moss Control
I Have Moss In My Lawn, What Should I Do?moss-control-child-page-of-lawn-care_image1 Moss is a serious problem in our area because of our cool, moist weather and abundant shade. Grass that is stressed in shaded or excessively wet areas often is invaded by moss. As long as these conditions exist, moss will persist. The ideal long term solution is to change the environmental conditions or stop trying to grow grass in these areas. The best way to rid your lawn of moss is to treat it with an iron based product. Then once it has died, rake it out and over-seed. If your lawn has large areas of moss, raking may not be feasible and you should consider having it thatched to get the dead moss out, and over-seed afterward. When you over-seed, be sure to cover the grass seed with a thin layer of peat moss to help hold moisture and keep birds from eating the seed. Once your lawn has filled back in, you should maintain a healthy lawn with a balanced fertilizer program. Can You Help Me Get Rid Of Moss? Call us for information about our lawn fertilization and moss control program. Included in our program are crane fly control, moss control, and fertilization. We can also treat your lawn for weeds if they’re a problem.
Shurb Bed Weed Control
nuisance-weeds-in-pastures-or-vacant-lots-child-page-of-weed-control_image1 How Can I Keep Weeds From Growing In My Shrub Beds? You can pull them, or treat them with herbicides to kill them, but normally the best solution is to apply a pre-emergent herbicide that kills germinating seeds. Be careful when using herbicides around desirable plants as most herbicides can cause injury or death to them as well as the weeds. Should I Use Landscape Cloth Or Plastic As A Barrier To Control Weeds? This works for awhile, but as time passes dust and dirt will build up on top of the barrier and it will start to decompose and become torn. Weeds will also easily grow on top of the barrier. If you use plastic it tends to keep water from getting to your plant’s roots which can cause drought stress. Should I Put Some Type Of Mulch On The Beds? Yes; materials such as beauty bark, red rock, or gravel can reduce the amount of weed growth compared to bare dirt. How Do Pre-Emergent Herbicides Work? These herbicides keep weed seeds from germinating; they should be applied in late winter or early spring. Examples are products like “Casoron” or “Preen.” Caution must be taken to follow the label or you will injure lawns or desirable plants. When using these materials be sure to read and follow the label directions carefully. Remember, these products will not control existing weeds. Existing weeds must be hand-pulled or treated with a product like “Round-up.” Can Whitworth Help With Weed Control? We have a weed control program that can be tailored to fit your needs. It may include shrub beds with beauty bark, gravel, or bare ground areas. Just give us a call and one of our technicians will give you an estimate and our recommendations.

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