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Types of Spider Extermination near Seattle, WA

In the United State, we have several thousand different species of spiders. Most are beneficial and rarely bite people. With the exception of the black widow and brown recluse, most spider bites have little to no effect on people.

However, spiders can be nuisances in the home. They’re attracted to warm, dark spaces like cracks in the wall, corners, air vents and in the eaves. Other spider species prefer the outdoors, weaving webs in your shed or your outdoor lighting.

Common Washington Spiders

Most spiders are, in fact, beneficial. They feed on a variety of nuisance insects, including mosquitos, moths and flies. They build intricate webs in places like windows, ceilings and corners. Since the webs are visible, many homeowners remove them.

In Washington, we have a variety of species. Three in particular can cause painful bites and may require medical attention.

  • Hobo Spiders:These are brown spiders that are approximately half an inch long. They have two dark parallel stripes on their backs. Hobo spider bites can become serious if they become infected.
  • Giant House Spider:This is a very common spider and is a relative of the hobo spider. Giant house spiders can grow to be three-quarters of an inch long.
  • Black Widow:The black widow is common in eastern Washington but is rarely found in the western part of the state. The bite of a black widow can be fatal to small children but rarely causes death in a healthy adult. It can, however, cause extreme localized pain and full-body muscle cramping.

Spider Pest Control In Your Home

There are several steps you can take to minimize spiders in your home. First, check your doors and windows for cracks or gaps. Repair or fill any holes or gaps. Check firewood for egg sacks before bringing it into your home. If you see spiders or webs, remove them with a vacuum cleaner and empty the bag immediately. Finally, keep shrubbery away from the exterior of your home.

If you have an infestation, the best option is to contact professional spider exterminators.

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At Whitworth Pest Solutions we’re spider control experts. Our staff entomologist is an expert at identifying the species of spiders in your home and designing an effective solution to exterminate any species that may be present. Once we’ve eliminate the problem, we will then check your home for entry points and work with you to prevent re-infestation.

If you think you might have a spider problem, contact the experts at Whitworth Pest Solutions. We’ll design a program to eliminate your spider problem, and keep them from coming back!

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