Roof Rat Exterminator Near Seattle

roof rat - Whitworth Pest Solutions Roof rats have become a problem throughout Washington State. While they used to predominantly be found in older homes and businesses, populations have exploded and they have become well established throughout the state. At Whitworth Pest Solutions, we understand the habits of roof rats and how to effectively and safely exterminate them. If you believe you have a roof rat problem, our rat extermination experts can help.

What Are Roof Rats?

Roof rats are dark brown to black in color, and they measure 13 to 18 inches in length including the tail. Unlike Norway rats, they are slender. Roof rats usually nest outdoors in trees, dense vegetation and brush. When they infest a home, they prefer to nest in the upper levels of a building, typically the attic or ceiling. Rats can spread disease through contact with their urine and feces or by biting. They can harbor fleas and other parasites that bite the animal and can then spread disease to humans and pets. They can also be incredibly destructive. They cause damage by gnawing plastic, lead pipes and wiring insulation. Their burrows can undermine the structure of your home.

How Do Roof Rats Enter Your Home?

Roof rats can fit through any hole larger than a nickle. They can access your roof from nearby trees and then follow pipes down from the roof, gnawing through drywall, wood, plastic, aluminum or siding. They establish nests in attics or any other safe refuge. To eliminate roof rats, you first must establish where they are gaining entry and eradicate them. You should also seal any holes and cut tree limbs and vines away from your home to eliminate hiding places and entry points. A local rat exterminator can help you complete these steps safely and effectively.

Have A Roof Rat Problem?

If you believe that roof rats are invading your home or lawn, call Whitworth Pest Solutions today. We understand the habits and habitats of roof rats, and we offer residential as well as commercial plans to eradicate any roof rat infestation. We’ll come to your home or business and complete an exterior inspection to check for entry points and any routes they travel. Once we identify these areas, we’ll set snap traps in likely areas of traffic and then remove the dead vermin. We also offer rat exclusion and clean-out services. After our initial visit, we offer three follow-ups. At each visit, traps are checked, dead rats removed and traps re-baited. Once completed, we can provide a monthly service to keep your home or business free of roof rats. If you live in the Puyallup, Washington, area, give Whitworth Pest Solutions a call. We know how to get rid of roof rats!