Yellow Jackets

When you encounter insects on your property that can bite, sting or cause damage, calling in a professional exterminator may be the best course of action. Yellow jacket infestations, in particular, pose a threat due to their natural defensive instincts and their painful stings.

Unfortunately, most people do not know they have a problem with yellow jackets until they have discovered a nest or have been stung. An experienced yellow jacket exterminator can help properly remove them without the risk of damage or injury to your property or family.

Identifying Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets can be differentiated from wasps and bees by specific anatomical and behavioral characteristics. Like bees, which are social insects, yellow jackets live in large colonies that can number in the thousands. Although they overwinter in the winter, they become active as the weather warms up and the colony numbers then multiply rapidly.

Several different types of bees and wasps are similar in appearance, so they can be confusing to identify. Visually, they differ from other insects in several ways. Yellow jackets:

  • Have body segments that alternate black-and-yellow or in some cases black-and-white bands.
  • Typically measure ½ inch long.
  • Nest in voids or build enclosed nests attached to structures.
  • Do not carry pollen.


Yellow Jacket Behavior

Disturbing a yellow jacket nest can be a painful and possibly dangerous mistake. Yellow jackets defend their nests aggressively and can sting their victims multiple times.

The problem is compounded by the location of their nests, which can be underground or in other hidden areas that make them difficult to see until it is too late. For sensitive individuals or those with allergies, this can be a dangerous situation.

As far as their diet goes, many yellow jackets are scavengers and spend time foraging for sugary substances or meat, which means they tend to gather around outdoor trash cans and recycle bins. This behavior can also become a problem for patios and barbecue areas of your home or during a picnic.

Yellow Jackets and Your Home

Yellow jackets can nest in many places including underground, in attics, under eaves, under porch overhangs, in shrubs or in the hollow of trees in your yard. Often, you won’t know about the presence of yellow jackets unless someone is stung or you accidentally uncover a nest while performing another activity.

Homeowners should not attempt to remove yellow jacket nests because this can result in the insects aggressively defending their colony and causing injury in the process.

Get Professional Help For Your Yellow Jacket Problem

If you have an infestation of yellow jackets, finding a qualified yellow jacket exterminator should be at the top of your to-do list. An experienced Whitworth Pest Solutions exterminator can help identify your problem and safely eliminate the colony from your property.

Contact us today to set up a consultation, removal, or regular preventative service to help protect your home or business from ongoing pest issues.