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When your pet starts scratching and just won’t stop, it’s time to see if you have a flea problem. While you probably treat your furry companions for fleas and ticks on a regular basis, sometimes these pests can slip through the cracks. This poses a real issue, as once they’re in your home, fleas can spread to furniture, carpets and even human hosts.

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Fleas pose some danger to humans, but your pets are at the greatest risk of harm. Fleas feed on blood, which means anyone who has contact with them is at risk of getting bitten. The bites themselves are usually not too serious, though you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Swelling

Whitworth Pest Solutions can rid your house of these pests and protect family and pets from the dangerous diseases they may carry. Our experts can verify if fleas are the issue and successfully clear out problematic areas.

Signs You May Have a Flea Infestation

Most flea infestations occur when these pests hitch a ride on your pets. Here are the major signs that you may have an infestation:

  • Pets constantly scratching or chewing on their fur
  • Small, dot-like bugs moving on your upholstery
  • Fleas and eggs in your pets’ fur

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Pulex IrritansIf fleas appear in your home, take immediate action before the problem gets worse. Call your vet to treat your pets, and call us to treat your home.

How Do I Know My Home Is Infested With Fleas?

  • Do you have pet cats or dogs that are scratching excessively?
  • Do you sometimes see small dark colored hopping insects?
  • Do some members of your family get bitten regularly, especially around the ankles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your home may be infested with fleas.

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Why You Should Hire an Exterminator

When it comes to these pests, you need to hire a flea exterminator to treat the outside and inside of your home. The fleas likely came from the yard, so if you clear out your house, but then let pets play outdoors, you may be inviting the problem right back in. Professional exterminators can make sure all areas of your property are thoroughly treated to prevent further trouble.

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The professionals at Whitworth Pest Solutions can handle major pest problems, including a flea infestation. To learn more or to schedule an extermination, contact us online or give us a call at (888) 959-1818.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fleas

Will Flea Bites Hurt Anyone?
Some people and pets are very sensitive to flea bites and scratching bites can lead to infection. Fleas also transmit tapeworms and a variety of diseases including bubonic plague.
Are Fleas Difficult To Control?
Fleas can be very difficult to control, especially if your cat or dog roams outside your home. Pets can spread fleas wherever they go. Once fleas get established, a thorough treatment is needed. This usually means treating the carpet, upholstered furniture, pet bedding and your lawn. Contact your veterinarian for advice on a variety of techniques to keep your pets flea free.
How Effective Are Flea Bombs And Flea Collars?
Flea bombs provide temporary relief for fleas, but they do not usually kill flea eggs and pupae. They leave no residue to kill these pests when they hatch. Flea collars for your pet reduce flea problems, but rarely eliminates fleas.
What Can I Do To Control Fleas?
Eliminating fleas on your pet will help keep them out of your home. Also wash or vacuum pet sleeping and eating areas regularly. During the peak flea months, usually June to September, do not allow your pets to roam freely or be in contact with other animals. If you cannot restrict your pets, then you or your vet should treat them regularly.

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