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Click Beetle
If you are in Puyallup, Washington, you may hear a “clicking” sound that is synonymous with the common Click Beetle.

What Does a Click Beetle Look Like?

Although there are some 9,000 different varieties of this beetle all around the world, the click beetles that we see in Puyallup have long rectangular bodies that are brown or black in color. They are only about a half-inch in length. These six-legged creatures have three parts to their bodies. The head has two antennae, and the six legs are attached to the thorax or middle section. The unique clicking sound that they make occurs when they join their spine with a notch located near the abdomen section. When they release the spine, the beetle is propelled up into the air. This release creates a clicking sound that gives them their name.

How to Prevent Click Beetles

Although they are harmless, you still may want to keep click beetles out of your house. First, you need to keep them out of your yard. They enjoy setting up shop in old logs or piles of firewood. To help alleviate the problem, remove old logs from your yard and keep your firewood piles away from your home. If you already have them in your yard, they may make their way into your house because of the lights. These beetles can’t resist bright lights and will enter through open doors or windows. While they are not destructive once they get inside your home, the clicking sound that they make can be annoying.

How to Get Rid of Click Beetles Near Seattle, WA

These pests can be difficult to get rid of. It will require chemical treatments to get them under control. When dealing with these noisy unwanted guests, you are better off letting Whitworth Pest Solutions take care of this problem. Our proven method of eliminating these pests begins by thoroughly inspecting your location. Then our team of experts will design a plan with a schedule of treatments. Once the treatments are completed, they will perform a follow-up evaluation to ensure the issue is resolved. Contact us at Whitworth Pest Solutions today and let a team of professionals get these noisy pests out of your home.

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