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Click Beetle Exterminator in Seattle, WA

Whether you’ve just encountered a click beetle in your home or you’ve been dealing with this nuisance for some time, Whitworth Pest Solutions can assist with your pest control needs. From minor interventions to serious pest control products, we’ll work hard to remove the irritation and threat of garden damage caused by click beetles.

Prompt removal is the best way to control click beetles. At Whitworth Pest Solutions, you can contact the leading click beetle exterminator in Seattle who understands the need to use a variety of treatment options to ensure a pest-free atmosphere. 

Why Choose Whitworth for Click Beetle Removal?

Our team of experts understand effective, ethical treatment of pests that keeps your home safe. Work with the leading pest solution providers in the Pacific Northwest to keep click beetles and other insects and pests from damaging your home’s structure and sense of peace.

Signs of Click Beetles in Your Seattle Home

Unlike other pests, click beetle infestations are relatively clear. Homeowners who see or hear these signs may already have click beetles in their homes, attic or basement space:

  • Spotting click beetles near light sources or moist areas
  • Hearing a signature clicking sound
  • Extensive flower and garden plant damage

You’ll likely find click beetles near your bathroom, garage or outside. Click beetles thrive on old logs, in gardens and other areas around your home. However, once they enter your home, it’s difficult to remove this nuisance.

How To Prevent Click Beetles from Entering Your Home

  • Sealing small cracks and areas of entry to your home
  • Reducing lighting or installing bug prevention lighting outdoors
  • Using safe chemical treatment options

Let Whitworth Pest Solutions Help You Get Rid of Click Beetles

If you believe you have a click beetle infestation in your home or garden area, it’s time to find out how a professional pest control technician can restore your home and outdoor living space. Choose Whitworth Pest Solutions and discuss your issues for a comprehensive, personalized solution. Call (888) 959-1818 to schedule an appointment today!

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