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Types of Ant Extermination near Seattle, WA

Ants exist everywhere on the planet! They can be very destructive to food and property. Some can sting and be extremely dangerous. The good news is that with regular residential pest control treatments ants can be eliminated.

Species identification is necessary to develop an effective treatment program. Ant biology varies from species to species. At Whitworth Pest Solutions, a Seattle exterminator and pest control company, we understand the challenges of designing the perfect solution to treat your ant problems.

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Generally, ants are simply a nuisance, but in some instances, ants can be much more. Some ants can contaminate or destroy food in your home. Carpenter ants are wood destroyers and can actually cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your home if left untreated. Repairs of such damage can be very expensive.

At Whitworth Pest Solutions, we are experts at identifying the species of ant that is creating your problem. We have top ant control experts on staff including our founder, Dr. Terry Whitworth, a Ph.D. Entomologist. We understand and recognize the warning signs of an ant problems, such as:

  • Debris piles
  • Visible trails of foraging ants
  • Audible excavation within the walls of your home (carpenter ants)
  • Visible tunneling in wood
  • Foraging tubes on exterior walls

We are experts at identifying the ant species and creating an effective solution to exterminate ants at the source. In the Seattle area, there are three ant species that can cause infestation problems.

Seattle Pavement Ants Extermination

Pavement ants have become a major pest in the Seattle area. They congregate under concrete slabs, such as in your garage, and can cause damage to property by excavating dirt from beneath concrete slabs to build their nests. In the home they can infest food, making it inedible.

Seattle Odorous House Ants Extermination

Another major pest throughout the Pacific Northwest. They are a nuisance and can damage food. This is a very small species (1/10 – 1/8” in size) and these ants can nest just about anywhere. Once they get into a home, they will search until they find a food and water source and establish a trail.

Seattle Carpenter Ants Extermination

Carpenter ants cause millions of dollars of structural damage to homes in the Seattle area each year. They chew wood in your home to make their nests and runways. This can cause serious problems.

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