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Answering Pest Control Questions in the Puget Sound Since 1975

When surveyed, our customers have repeatedly rated our effectiveness and environmental awareness as the top reasons for choosing us. You can count on Whitworth Pest Solutions to bring a combination of knowledge and experience with them every time they tackle your pest problems. Employees in the field are never out of touch, they always have instant access to technical support from our office.

What Can I Expect For My Money?
You can expect quick, efficient service by technicians experienced in solving your pest control problems. Because we use a diagnostic approach we can help you make an informed decision.

We carefully inspect your property to accurately identify the problem. Our technicians then determine what solutions best serve your needs.

You’ll never get high pressure sales tactics. We take the time to listen to your concerns and explain the pest’s habits and our recommended control measures. Call us when you’re ready and we’ll schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.

Are Whitworth Services Expensive?
We strive to give you the best service possible at a reasonable price.

We’re able to solve your pest problems because we utilize well-trained, experienced staff. We retain our quality personnel with premium wage and benefit programs. Our prices are competitive and reflect the cost of doing business and the true value of our services. You can always contact our customer care person if you have any concerns or complaints about our service.

We welcome comparisons with our competitors. We give free estimates, so check us out.

Are Your Chemicals And Application Techniques Safe?
Safety is always our first consideration when providing pest control services. The treatments we use are chosen carefully to maximize effectiveness while minimizing any hazard to you, your family pets and the environment. Our treatment techniques are regularly reviewed to keep up with the latest in technology and safety.
Our goal is to have every customer satisfied with our service.
Your satisfaction is important because over the years, Whitworth has built its business on referrals and repeat business from our many long-time satisfied customers.

If our customers are dissatisfied it has always been our policy to redo the work at no additional charge, or

refund the original cost. If at any time you feel your concerns have not been addressed, please request to speak with our Customer Care Representative.

Why A Butterfly Logo?
The logo is an image of the mourning cloak butterfly. Does this mean we kill butterflies? No, the logo reflects our love of insects and recognition that though we are a pest control company, over 99% of all insects are not pests, many are beneficial, or at least harmless to man. Our treatment decisions are science based. Our control measures are guided by sound scientific principles based on pest identification, life history, and their potential threat to humans.

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