Ten Reasons to Choose Whitworth Pest Solutions

1. We’re your one-stop shop for all your pest control needs.

We offer a wide spectrum of services (see our services). For example: If you have a pest control program for your house (ants, rodents, etc.) and you get a weed problem, or other landscape problem, we have the knowledge to answer your question. You don’t have to resort to calling another company. In addition, discounts are available for purchasing multiple services from us.

2. No other company is more committed to sharing knowledge.

We offer free advice on anything that we have the knowledge of. Even if we are not going to “get” anything out of it. Examples include: advice on where to plant trees and shrubs, hints on lawn care and advice on rectifying construction problems or other conditions that may be conducive to pest infestations, to name a few.

3. The amount of training and education we provide each of our technicians exceeds 60 hours per year.

This amount of training far exceeds state requirements. Terry Whitworth, Ph.D. laid the foundation 30 years ago for the company’s emphasis on education. Our technicians are trained extensively—twice weekly meetings, seminars, etc. so that they have the ability to make good decisions out on the job, whether it relates to safety, treatments, new technology or pest identification.

4. We have a Ph.D. Entomologist on staff.

Few clients – in any industry – in western Washington have access to such qualified individuals. Try to find a Ph.D. Entomologist in the phone book that gives free advice on pest control problems!

5. We are QualityPro certified by the National Pest Management Association (see link below).

Being a QualityPro certified company provides peace of mind to consumers. There are many qualifications that must be met. Highlights include: Random drug-testing and background checks of employees, the utmost in chemical application safety, integrated pest management techniques that lower chemical usage, and much more.

6. A real person that is knowledgeable and understands your concerns will answer your call.

Many other companies force their clients to go through an extensive screening system or automated phone system, which leads to frustration and wasted time. When you call us—a person answers.

7. Over 60% of our new clients come from referrals.

Having such an extensive amount of new clients coming from referrals illustrates that we’re highly trusted by our existing clients.

8. Competitive Pricing.

Even with the level of education, knowledge and experience of our entire staff, we still offer competitive pricing. We’re not the lowest or highest priced company–just the smartest money spent.

9. Safety is always our first consideration when providing pest control services.

The treatments we use are regularly reviewed to keep up with the latest in effectiveness and safety to you and your loved ones.

10. We want to exceed your expectations.

If you purchase a service from us and are dissatisfied for any reason, we will diagnose the problem and determine the best solution, even if it includes refunding the original cost. We are dedicated to helping you and responding to your concerns.

Talk to us today and see why we are the best at our job. We service the Puyallup, WA and surrounding Seattle areas.