Ruth Ann Young, Executive Director of Operation Iraq-Afghanistan: The Spirit of Christmas, first approached Christmas Decor in Puyallup on November 5th. By the end of November 11th–Veterans Day, the Christmas Decor group had transformed the interior of a small  Totem Lake (Kirkland, WA) warehouse in which volunteers pack Christmas gifts for soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Christmas Decor, a holiday lighting service operated by Whitworth Pest Solutions, Inc. in Puyallup, was happy to help create a cheery atmosphere  for the many volunteers who packed thousands of packages for this incredible organization.

Each year, hundreds of volunteers come together to work countless hours collecting and assembling these care packages that are shipped overseas for delivery on Christmas Day to troops serving on the front lines. Operation Iraq-Afghanistan is supported entirely through the donations of time, merchandise and dollars from companies, organizations and individuals across the United States. Please go to to see how they work and/or to offer a hand.

Ruth Ann noted that the Christmas Decor “crew came on Thursday (Veterans Day) morning this week at 9:00 am and did the front room windows in red, white and blue! Then hung some lighted garlands on the stairwells in parts of the warehouse too. They spent a day there decorating for the troops, and did it as a generous donation for our troops to see! Thanks guys, we really appreciate all the efforts!”  Happy to help Ruth Ann! See the Operation Iraq-Afghanistan blog: for the whole story!

Some “Before & After” Pics!