Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are one of the most common spider species in North America. They’re solitary creatures that search for prey alone. One

unique trait is the way females carry their eggs. She has a sac attached to her spinnerets to carry the eggs with her. After hatching, the babies climb onto her and stay until they’re able to survive on their own. She can carry hundreds of her offspring at one time.

Let’s learn more about these fascinating creatures, including what they look like, how to prevent them, and when to call in a specialist.

What Are Wolf Spiders?

Wolf Spider - Whitworth Pest Solutions

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Proper treatment for wolf spiders relies on proper identification. A hairy spider, wolf spiders grow to a relatively large 35mm in body length. They are typically patterned with brown, black, and gray.

They are relatively large, move quickly, and can inspire fear when seen in the home. Wolf spiders are relatively common throughout Washington state. Typically, they are outdoor spiders and are rarely seen indoors. Like many spider species, they will seek warmth indoors during the cold months. They’re usually found near doors, windows, and in the basement of the home.

While they are sometimes mistaken for the poisonous brown recluse spider (which is not found in WA state), wolf spider bites are rare.

How To Prevent Wolf Spiders

The best way to control spiders in your home is to prevent them from entering in the first place. Here are simple measures to keep wolf spiders from getting in:

  • Clean and vacuum thoroughly
  • Reduce clutter in undisturbed areas that can attract spiders like closets, garages, and attics
  • Keep firewood and other debris clear of your home
  • Clip shrubs, vines, and trees away from the house
  • Seal any external cracks in the foundation, siding, or eaves of your home
  • Use yellow or sodium vapor lights outdoors; they attract fewer insects, so you’ll have fewer spiders

How To Get Rid of Wolf Spiders

If your home becomes infested with wolf spiders, contact a professional. If you live in the Puyallup, Washington, area, call the experts at Whitworth Pest Solutions.

Whitworth offers residential and commercial programs for eliminating wolf spiders from your home or business. Our expert technicians will come to your home, perform an inspection, and identify the species causing your infestation. Once identified, they will devise a treatment plan and evaluate the results. If you think you have a spider problem, call Whitworth Pest Solutions today!