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Two kinds of termites are native in the Pacific Northwest. Dampwood termites are the largest most common kind and can seriously damage wet wood. Subterranean termites are much smaller, but extremely destructive. They attack either wet or dry wood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Termites

What Do Damp Wood Termites Look Like And Where Can They Be Found?
Mature dampwood termite workers are 3/4″ long. Swarmers are large (about 1″ long) and reddish brown with long reddish brown wings which fall off when they land. They infest wet wood laying next to a building or in the dirt. They prefer areas with poor ventilation or drainage. They also attack damp wood around leaky plumbing.
What Treatment Is Required For Damp Wood Termite Control?
To eliminate this pest requires removal of the infested wood and repair or elimination of the source of moisture. It is normally not necessary to spray infested areas to control this pest.
What Do Subterranean Termites Look Like And Where Can They Be Found?
Subterranean termite workers are tiny and white, about 1/4″ long. They resemble grubs or maggots in the wood. Swarmers are black with smokey wings and about 3/8″ long. They usually migrate from buried wood scraps or old dead tree roots. Access to a home may be gained at points where wood comes in contact with soil. These termites will also build mud tubes to reach areas where wood is not in contact with soil.
How Are Subterranean Termites Controlled?
Eradication of this pest requires thorough treatment of soil inside and outside of the foundation to establish a barrier around the home. It may also be necessary to drill through cement porches or patios to treat the area properly. All points where soil and wood come close should be treated. Generally it is advisable to have this treatment performed by a professional.
What Are Termite Swarms?
Swarms occur when winged males and females emerge from mature termite colonies. Dampwood termites swarm in late summer or fall and subterranean termites swarm in the spring or fall. Both kinds of termites sometimes enter a home in large numbers during swarms and may be a sign of a serious termite problem.
How Can I Determine If My Home Is Infested?
Call Whitworth Pest Solutions at 253-845-1818 for a termite inspection. Homes with crawl spaces are especially vulnerable to termite problems. Few people enter the crawl area under their homes and most don’t know what to look for. Periodic termite inspections are essential to protect your home.

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