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pavement-ant Like odorous house ants, pavement ants have also become a major pest. These ants are often mistaken for odorous house ants, as both species are close to the same size and because they’re so small, distinguishing characteristics are hard to see. Relative to the odorous house ant, this ant tends to be a little lighter in color, on the tan side rather than dark brown. Just like odorous house ants, these ants will infest food in the house, often making it inedible. The pavement ant, however, will often live under concrete slabs of garage floors, basements, driveways, sidewalks, etc. This behavior makes them very common in commercial settings, where strip malls, office complexes and warehouses are built using slab construction. They make room for their expanding nests underneath these concrete slabs by excavating dirt from underneath and pushing it out of cracks or holes in the slab. In severe cases these excavations can lead to slab settling or further cracking. Again, our treatment focuses on elimination of these ants and then after elimination—prevention from re-infestation. It’s very important to act quickly when recognizing a pavement ant problem so that neither damage to slabs nor contamination of food occurs. Call the experts at Whitworth Pest Solutions to handle your pavement ant problem today.

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