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Odorous house ants (little ants, sugar ants, sweet ants) have become a major pest in structures all across the Pacific Northwest. The amounts of calls and inquiries we receive about them have overtaken the amount of calls on carpenter ants. Although not a wood destroying organism like the carpenter ant, the absence of wood damage doesn’t make up for how extremely annoying they can be, as well as the damage they can cause to food.

The odorous house ant is very small (1/10″ to 1/8″ in length) and is dark brown to black in color. One of the difficulties in eliminating these ants is that nests can be found almost anywhere. For example, outside they may be found under rocks, in landscape timbers or mulch etc. Inside they can nest in wall voids, crawlspaces and just about any other small void. Once they actually get into the living space of a house or other structure they can become a major nuisance as they search for food, water or new nesting sites.

Odorous house ant workers explore their environment until they find food or water. They often prefer sweets, but will also seek out protein sources as well depending on the needs of the colony. Once a food or water source is found, a trail is established to deliver as many ant workers as possible to the source. This is when contamination to food can occur, often making it inedible. After all, it’s not a pleasant experience to discover hundreds of ants on a maple syrup bottle just as you pull it out of the cupboard in anticipation of a pancake breakfast!

When these ants are discovered, homeowners will often purchase an over-the-counter remedy such as an aerosol ant & roach spray. Though this is helpful in killing the visible workers, these sprays unfortunately do not usually destroy the colony, so ants reappear shortly after the spraying is completed. In fact, continual spraying of over-the-counter sprays can result in the ants spreading to other parts of the structure that were previously unaffected.

Our treatment focuses on colony elimination rather than a quick fix. We treat inside and out and use a combination of baits and sprays appropriate to the situation. If we are called soon after ants are first seen, we have a better chance to eliminate a colony quickly. So make Whitworth Pest Solutions your first option for relief from these tiny pesky invaders.

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