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How to get rid of Moths and Carpet Beetles in Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma, Bremerton & Puyallup.

The most common fabric pests are carpet beetles and clothes moths. Each group includes several species. Some beetles live outside and come inside to lay their eggs. Others stay inside all their lives.
How Do I Know If I Have A Problem?
You may have a problem if you see adults or larvae in your home. Carpet beetle adults and larvae are sometimes seen crawling on walls and baseboards, while adult clothes moths are usually seen flying in dark areas of the home, away from light. Often, the first evidence of a problem is a hole or other damage found in clothing or fabrics.
What Do Carpet Beetles And Clothes Moths Look Like?
Adult carpet beetles are tiny (less than 1/3″ long) and have a light colored pattern on their backs. Larvae are light yellow and very hairy with long hairs on the tail end. Adult clothes moths have up to a 1/2″ wing span and are dull grey. Larvae are up to 1/2″ long and may produce webbing. The larvae usually are found only on the material they are feeding on.
Do Carpet Beetles And Clothes Moths Attack All Fabrics?
Fabric pests only attack items containing the protein Keratin. Keratin is found in animal hair (such as wool), hides and feathers. Wool carpets, wool-covered furniture, animal hide wall hangings, wool blankets, clothing and furs are the items usually damaged.
What Damage Do Carpet Beetles And Clothes Moths Cause?
Carpet beetles and clothes moths have similar habits. They frequently attack hides and furs that remain in one place for some time. The larvae or adults eat the backing off of wool rugs, furs, animal mounts and clothes made from animal fibers. They often damage carpet under heavy objects. On clothing, holes are most often found under collars, in cuffs or in other dark places.
What Can I Do To Prevent Carpet Beetles And Clothes Moths?
Materials likely to be attacked by clothes moths should be kept cleaned and exposed to sunlight frequently. Wool clothing, blankets, and furs not worn regularly, should be stored with mothballs or flakes in tight containers or closets. Floors, baseboards and vents should be kept clean. Cedar chests and closets help repel, but will not control carpet beetles and clothes moths.
What Can I Do If I Continue To Have Problems?
Give us a call and we’ll find the solution as to how to get rid of moths and carpet beetles in your Seattle home. We can assist you in eradicating these pests. We’ll help you identify the problem areas, suggest corrective measures, and treat your home if necessary.

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