There’s nothing worse than signs of mice in your home. These pests can crawl through surprisingly small cracks to enter your home. Once there, it’s difficult to determine how many mice are in your home and how to remove them safely. If you see signs of mice in your home, learn to spot the deer mouse vs. house mouse differences.

What Is the Difference Between a Deer Mouse and House Mouse?

There’s never a good type of mouse to have in your home. Unless you happen to have a hygienic pet mouse, any unwelcome rodent is bad news. However, deer mice can be far more dangerous than house mice. Here are some of the key differences, as well as the dangers of a deer mouse infestation.

A house mouse is typically only five inches long. These common mice come in a range of colors, but all have black or pink eyes, a hairless tail and a pointed nose. House mice are also known as field mice, but prefer to live in the warm, safe confines of homes, garages, and other structures.

A deer mice, on the other hand, is typically larger, on average, about seven inches long. Expect to see larger eyes and a distinctive two-toned look. A deer mouse typically has a darker brown color on its back and a white underbelly. You may be surprised to see a deer mouse jump. These agile mice are far faster than house mice and are capable of making leaps when necessary.

Dangers of Mice in Your Home

Unfortunately, both types of mice carry diseases and require immediate and professional cleanup. If you see any signs of mice in your home, such as feces, nests of food and other issues, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. While house mice carry diseases and can still be a nuisance, deer mice are far more dangerous.

Deer mice can carry hantavirus. This dangerous virus can cause HPS or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. This severe respiratory disease can prove fatal, so it’s essential to protect your home and your family from contact with deer mice.

Why Choose Whitworth Pest Solutions

Many homeowners decide to use poison bait or other quick fixes to attempt to catch mice. While over-the-counter traps may promise quick and easy elimination of rodents in your home, the result is often far more work than calling a professional. Once the poison has killed mice, the mice often end up in your attic or walls. It’s very difficult to remove a dead mouse from inside your walls, and the carcass will begin to smell and cause other issues in your home. At Whitworth Pest Solutions, we use far more effective means of prevention, removal and cleanup.

Our Procedure

First, we prevent further mice from entering your home. Both deer and house mice can find even the tiniest holes to enter your home, so we’ll carefully inspect your crawl space, attic and other areas to ensure your home is properly sealed.

Next, we thoroughly and safely clean your home from all signs of mice fecal matter and urine. These messes can spread hantavirus, so it’s essential that you call an expert team to clean them up.

Finally, we set traps and schedule four follow-up inspections of your home. On these follow-up visits, we’ll clean your home, inspect every trap, reset traps and ensure that your home is completely rodent-free before we leave.

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For premier pest control services in Seattle, choose Whitworth Pest Solutions. Contact us today to learn about our service area and discover how we can safely remove deer mice, house mice and other pests from your property. Remove the risk of hantavirus and other dangerous diseases by trusting a professional team with your home’s safety.