Premium Green Program

Providing Organic Pest Control Services to Seattle, Olympia, Bremerton, Tacoma & Puyallup.

Environmentally Friendly Home Pest Management

This program is an honest low environmental impact program designed to eliminate or minimize pesticide usage while still achieving your desired level of pest control.

The “Premium Green Program” Method:

Service Frequency:

The program consists of 6 to 12 service visits per year depending on the results of our initial inspection of your home and consultation with you. We invoice after each visit. We offer a 5% discount for paying for a year of services in advance.

Each regular service visit includes
  • A thorough inspection of the exterior of your home for conducive conditions and evidence of insect or rodent activity.
  • IPM recordkeeping-all conducive conditions and insect/rodent activity is reported after each visit.

Whitworth Green Pest Solutions understands and complies with the green service standard set by GreenPro. Through the application of these standards we are able to perform services that result in measurable and verifiable risk reduction.

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