Green Pest Control Services Near Seattle, WA

There are different shades of green. Which do you prefer?


Green Services_image1What is “green” pest control service? Is it the products being used? Is it the techniques? Is it just a catchphrase that many pest control companies use to mislead potential customers into buying a service that isn’t any “greener” than a traditional one?

If you are truly looking for honest green services— those that actually have lower impacts on the environment than conventional extermination services—then Whitworth Green Pest Solutions is your clear choice.

Why choose Whitworth Pest Solutions’ green pest control services?

Certified GreenPro
Whitworth is certified by the National Pest Management Association as “GreenPro—Certified Eco-Effective.” The GreenPro certification means that we must comply with a multitude of qualifications to ensure that you receive a safe and effective service each time we arrive at your door.

GreenPro is the most widely recognized certification possible for companies in the pest management industry to achieve:

  • It has the most comprehensive standards of any available program.
  • It requires companies that participate to submit to independent audits.
  • Service technicians, salespersons and managers must be trained, tested and recertified.

In addition to green pest management service standards, participating companies are also evaluated on business operations, such as criminal background checks, reference checks, drug screening and more, prior to being able to participate in GreenPro

EPA Certified PESP Gold Level Member
Whitworth was selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a “Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program” (PESP) Gold Member. This recognition is reserved for PESP members who have attained the highest level of participation in the PESP. Each Gold member has pledged that environmental stewardship is an integral part of their pest management program and passed an EPA compliance screening.

Established in 1994, PESP is EPA’s premier partnership program dedicated to reducing pesticide risk in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings. The program works with the nation’s pesticide-user community to reduce human health and environmental risks of pesticide use and prevent pollution. Additionally, it promotes the adoption of innovative, alternative pest control practices, including IPM and the use of biological pesticides.

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