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While lady beetles may look pretty, they can be a substantial detriment in your home if you do not act quickly. Lady beetles have few natural predators, so if the population expands, then there are few ways to deal with it other than to bring in a ladybug exterminator. Multiple generations are born in one year, and the pests can quickly overrun your property.

Luckily, you have Whitworth Pest Solutions in your corner to lend a helping hand. We will come out to your property and inform you if the lady beetles on your property should be exterminated or if you should keep them around. When there are not enough lady beetles around, then aphids run rampant. They cause more destruction than the lady beetles, and we will check every area of your property to find them, including:

  • Door jams
  • Window Panes
  • Foundations
  • Behind walls
  • Siding crevices and cracks
  • Ceilings

We have experts on our staff who will weigh the pros and cons of keeping lady beetles on your property and recommend to you the best course of action. For many people in Washington state, the solution may be easier than they realize.

Build a Ladybug House Outside

Most people with a lady beetle infestation complain about the insects coming inside the home. Therefore, your best option may be to build a house outside for the lady beetles to flock to. You can plant colorful flowers around the house and place some water there for the lady beetles to use. That way, they stay around the harmful aphids while leaving your home alone.

More Information On Ladybugs


Lady Beetles, or more commonly known as ladybugs, are relatively common in Puyallup, Washington. Most varieties of the lady beetle are docile and helpful to have around, as they feed on pests, like aphids, which can destroy gardens and other foliage. However, not all ladybugs are created equal, so it’s vital for you to know the difference between the good and the pesky lady beetles.

What Does a Ladybug Look Like?

Lady beetles are easily recognizable by their red-colored shells that feature a black polka dot pattern. However, telling the difference between good and “bad” Lady Beetles is not quite so easy. The most common species of ladybug that can cause a nuisance is known as the Asian lady beetle. They were once intentionally brought over from Asia in the 1950s to help control the populations of agricultural pests like aphids and scale insects. Originally released into the southern states, they quickly spread throughout the rest of the country. While these insects look similar to other lady beetles, the Asian variety is typically more orange than red. They also have a distinguishing white mark just behind their heads.

The Problems with Asian Lady Beetles

If you have ever had a ladybug infestation here in Washington State, then you are likely familiar with the bad odor and the yellow stains that these Asian lady beetles can leave behind. This is part of their defense mechanism if they are disturbed. They start to cause bigger problems as their numbers build up to intolerable levels inside the house—making them a serious nuisance to contend with.

How to Get Rid of Ladybugs

Prevention is the best approach to dealing with these insects. They will often enter your home through cracks, seeking warmth in the winter. To cut them off, you can seal these crevices and ensure that windows and doors fit properly. Once inside it is best to let the experts at Whitworth Pest Solutions handle your Asian lady beetle infestation. Whitworth can break the pattern of ladybugs continually building in population inside your home. Whitworth offers both residential and commercial pest control programs that are specifically designed to evaluate, eliminate and prevent future infestations. Our exterminators are experts in the types of pests we see here in Puyallup and throughout Washington State. Contact Whitworth Pest Solutions today and let our experts make your lady beetle problem history.


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Our experts will inspect your property and recommend an extermination option if you want to proceed down that route. Lady beetles run rampant throughout the Pacific Northwest. Contact us if you run into any trouble. We can design a solution to keep lady beetles away and stop them from ever coming back.

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