Many people don’t like spiders. The fact is, that even though the majority of spiders are quite harmless, as well as beneficial by eating other bugs, many people simply can’t stand having spiders in their home.
Generally, spiders tend to stay outdoors most of the year. When the weather turns cool, however, spiders tend to venture indoors. Often, these are male spiders entering in search of a mate.

While it’s almost impossible to completely rid your home of spiders, and having a few around can be beneficial, there are

How to Keep Spiders Away From Your Home - Whitworth Pest Solutions

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ways to discourage them from coming in. Here are some “do-it yourself” ways to keep spiders out of your house:

Exclusion: Don’t let them in

Sealing cracks and gaps around your home is one of the most effective ways to keep the majority of spiders out of your home in the first place. Seal gaps around plumbing underneath sinks, caulk holes and gaps in siding, and make sure all weather stripping is creating a tight seal.

Sanitation: Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your home clean inside can keep out spiders and many insects as well. That means regular vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping, as well as washing down surfaces with soapy water. Pay special attention to corners and underneath appliances–darker areas where spiders are more comfortable.

Outside, keep trees and shrubs trimmed back away from the house. Keep leaf litter, pine needles and other debris away from the perimeter of the home. Keep stored wood well away from the house, and before bringing firewood in, check it to make sure you’re not bringing in any hitchhiking spiders or egg sacs.

If your home has become infested in spite of your efforts, chemical treatments may be used to help rid your home of spiders.

If you live in the Puyallup, Washington, area, give the experts at Whitworth Pest Solutions a call. They can help rid your home of spiders using environmentally friendly treatments that are effective. Ask about our residential and commercial plans to help rid your home of pests and keep spiders out of your house!