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Insects and other pests love getting inside of Seattle homes as it is one of the best ways for them to escape the outside elements. Luckily, however, there are plenty of ways you can improve the defenses around your house. Follow these tips and tricks to keep insects out.

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Fix Holes in the Wall

Holes in the wall are one of the most common ways for bugs to sneak in your home. Wires and lines coming from outside for cable, gas, and other utilities could provide an easy way for pests to invade if the entry point is not air-tight. To ensure this problem does not exist on your home, carefully move appliances away from walls to inspect the point where the lines come in. If there is a lot of extra space, it’ll create both drafts in your house and a place for pests to enter through. To create a barrier, buy caulk and other supplies at your local hardware store and plug the holes up.

Fortify Windows and Doors

Similar to holes in walls, many windows and doors may not create airtight seals, which in turn provide the opportunity for pests to squeeze through. Check around windows and doors to see how tightly they close. Look for gaps around the top, bottom, and sides of these entry points. If you find any, seal them with caulk, weather strips, or a similar solution. In addition to tightening the borders around your house, it is also important to check the screens over your windows for rips and tears as they also pose an avenue for entry.

Remove Water Sources

While a lot of pests enter your home to escape the wet Seattle weather, they still need something to drink. If you have standing water anywhere around your home, it could quickly become a watering hole for many different kinds of insects or rodents. Start with your kitchen and bathroom. Make sure there is no water pooling up in the sink or the shower. Any holes or gaps around these water appliances can be plugged with caulk or expanding foam. Next, look anywhere in your house that you can see water pipes. Identify leaks, sweating pipes, and anything else that looks like it could be a source for bugs, then move forward with resolving these issues.

Call for Backup

When your DIY methods are not working, it may be time to call in the professionals. A team of professionals will be able to put an end to your pest problem so you will not have to stay engaged in an ongoing battle with the unwanted intruders in your home. A professional pest solutions company will also be able to remove the pests in a way that is completely safe for you, your family, and your pets. A professional service is the best way to ensure pests do not enter your home to seek cover.

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