How to get rid of mice in the wall

Have you heard the chewing and scampering of mice inside your walls or crawl space? Effective mouse control begins with preventing the entrance of pests in the first place, but we know this isn’t always possible or practical.  Let’s explore how to get rid of those menacing mice in the walls.

Why Doing it Yourself Doesn’t Work

Many people spend time trying to get an infestation under control on their own, but this is rarely a lasting solution. It can take hours finding and sealing up the places that allow the mice access to your building. Mice can chew through most materials, so you need to use a mouse-proof material. Then there are the conventional methods available to kill the mice, which are often ineffective and also dangerous. Some of those include:


Electronic deterrents that are meant to emit a high-frequency sound don’t work at deterring mice. The need for food and a warm nesting place overrides the noise that the mice eventually become accustomed to.


Over the counter poisons have limited effectiveness when dealing with complicated mouse problems. Even when they work, the mice might die inside walls or ceilings, producing a horrible odor for months inside your home or building. Contrary to myth, mice do not make any extra effort to go outside to search for water after eating poison. Rather, they die wherever their body succumbs to the poison—which can take anywhere from 2-14 days.


Mouse traps need to be placed where the infestation is greatest. Not having the equipment, or the access to places between walls, you can only set them where you hope they will work. You may catch a few mice, but it won’t stop the infestation.

Final Thoughts

Calling a professional pest removal company is your best course of action to deal with rodent issues. They have the knowledge and equipment necessary to find out exactly where the mice are entering, locating nests and clearing the area without leaving and mice debris behind. For mice removal in Seattle, contact our office in Puyallup, WA. At Whitworth Pest Solutions, our trained technicians know the most efficient, and safest ways to get mice and rats out of your walls so you can enjoy a healthier, pest-free environment.