The Meaning Behind Pest Control Industry Certifications

  Investing in a pest control company requires trust. You have worked hard to build a comfortable home, and want to make sure it stays that way. By researching services like residential pest control, ant control, bed bug control and many others, you are already on the right track. But how can you be sure your pest control really is protecting your home from expensive damages? Is it possible to feel assured that your family can be safe from pests and protected during the pest control process? To help you feel more comfortable with our services, we have created an outline of exactly how a few of our certifications contribute to the safety and effectiveness of your service.

We are an NPMA Member

The National Pest Management Association is a non-profit organization that exists to protect public health through continued education and regulatory change in the pest control industry. By receiving frequent insight from the experts, in addition to industry updates, we use the NPMA as a tool for learning and baseline for performance.

We are QualityPro Certified

QualityPro certification is administered by the Foundation for Professional Pest Management, an independent organization that strives to develop good business standards. A voluntary certification program, only 450 of 7,000 NPMA members have chosen to participate. These 450 companies, including ours, must agree to annual audits and comply with the following standards:
Employee Education In order for a pest control company to be QualityPro Certified, each technician must pass a series of tests that cover topics ranging from pest biology to on-site safety and professionalism. All Whitworth Pest Solutions service technicians meet QualityPro Standards. Consumer Protection and Business Operations Being a QualityPro certified company means we strive to perform the best possible service to all of our clients. To make sure of this, the NPMA requires the following qualifications in the certification process:
  • Responsible advertising practices
  • Clearly defined contracts and warranties
  • Specific communication practices
  • Extensive employee background checks
For a full list of consumer relations standards, refer to the official QualityPro Brochure. Environmental Stewardship QualityPro companies are dedicated to preserving the environment when performing pest control services. Through an integrated pest management (IPM) approach, we take the necessary steps to appropriately identify and correct the root of the problem – effectively pairing prevention with treatment. In addition to implementing an IPM program, we are also tested and approved for our pesticide handling practices. This includes:
  • Storing our products in a locked and ventilated area with appropriate labeling
  • Accordance with state and federal regulations
  • Responsible disposal of unused products
  • Appropriate product application and compliant transportation

We are GreenPro Certified

GreenPro is an extension of the QualityPro certification. This certification is important to us, because it shows that we are committed to reducing environmental risk in pest management. GreenPro certification is the most widely recognized certification available to companies in the pest management industry because of the comprehensive standards and independent audits it represents. Fewer than 160 pest control companies meet these stringent requirements. This certification includes all of the requirements of integrated pest management (IPM) plus a multitude of qualifications that ensure you receive the greenest possible service:
  • Comprehensive green training and testing
  • Thorough inspection
  • Detailed documentation of all actions taken to identify solutions
  • Elimination at the source of the pest problem
  • Minimal-risk pest control application
We hope this answered any questions you might have had regarding our treatment processes and how certifications play an important role in selecting the best pest control providers for your home. For more information on these certifications contact Whitworth Pest Solutions today!