Nothing can disturb a good night’s sleep like an infestation of bed bugs. In fact, these biting pests can ruin just about any part of your day. If you find that you have these unwanted guests in your home and want them gone as soon as possible, try these 5 tips and tricks for bed bug removal:

1. Make sure you are dealing with bed bugs

Just because you wake up with bite marks on your legs or arms does not necessarily mean you have bed bugs. Fleas, ticks, other insects and even medications or the type of detergent you use could be causing the issue. In fact, there are dozens of things that may be causing bite-like symptoms, so before you reach for that can of spray make sure you know what you are dealing with. This article can help you identify and help with bed bugs if they are present in your home.

2. Remove the clutter from your home

Bed bugs love to find hiding places. If your house has a lot of clutter lying around, you could be creating the perfect haven for a bed bug infestation. Not only does this give these critters many places to hide, but it also makes finding and treating them that much more difficult.

3. Regularly wash and heat dry linens and bedding

Bed bugs and their eggs love to hide under your blankets, sheets, and linens. Washing them regularly and using the high heat of your dryer will help eliminate them. Be sure to clean any of your clothes that touch the floor as well. Bed bugs are also excellent hitchhikers, so if you use a laundry basket or hamper to carry your dirty clothes, you will need to wash those thoroughly as well.

4. Thoroughly vacuum your home

Vacuuming is not what kills bed bugs, but it is useful for removing them from your home. Fewer bugs will result in fewer bites until you can get professional help to remove them. When you are finished vacuuming, be sure that you empty your vacuum into a tightly sealed container.

5. Seek professional help to be sure to get rid of them for good

Maintaining a clean home and regularly washing bed linens can help prevent bed bugs but once you get them, they can take over very quickly. Seeking the help of a trusted professional exterminator that knows how to kill bed bugs and keep them from coming back is the best choice for solving your problem.

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