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At Whitworth Pest Solutions, our success depends upon the quality of our people. From our exemplary customer service to our dedicated and licensed professional technicians, we are constantly working to maintain the standards and ethics that have made us one of the most respected pest control companies in the Pacific Northwest. When you call Whitworth Pest Solutions, you can rest assured that you are calling the best.


Discover how our team at Whitworth Pest Solutions can improve your quality of life through responsible and effective pest control. We serve a wide area of western Washington, including:

• King County
• Kitsap County
• Pierce County
• Thurston County

When you choose Whitworth Pest Solutions, you choose a professional, local, and quality pest solutions provider who understands the pests in our local environment. Our expert team can provide unparalleled service in your home or business location thanks to our 35+ years of service experience throughout western Washington.

Ethical & Efficient Pest Control

Since Dr. Terry Whitworth began providing pest solutions, our company has focused on quality and ethical care. Ethical pest control not only controls pests in and around your home, but we also focus on safe and effective strategies under the recommendations and teachings of scientists and experts from all over the country.

Humane, effective, affordable, and environmentally-conscious services are what we do best. Our highly experienced technicians are concerned with the well-being of you, your home, and our environment. Choose a pest control service that eliminates dangerous and damaging pest issues in a socially responsible way.

Quality Services by Quality Professionals

Our experienced technicians provide a range of services to help you handle any pest problems you may encounter. Contact Whitworth Pest Solutions if you have any of the following pests on your property:

• Rodents
• Bed bugs
• Spiders
• Ants
• Lady beetles
• German cockroaches
• Stink bugs
• And more

Whether you have identified your pest problem or are concerned with an unknown pest issue, our friendly people will gladly help you identify the issue and find a safe and effective way to remove these pests. Prevent further damage to your home and your health with our comprehensive services.

Choose a Program

If you suspect an infestation in your home, don’t wait to call. Our residential pest control services can rid your home of any dangerous or uncomfortable pests and restore a sense of peace in your home. From lawn care to in-home infestations, we respond promptly to your emergency needs. Ask about our various service programs and choose the best pest control solution for your home today!

We offer pest solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Commercial pest control experience is essential for handling large-scale situations in your commercial buildings. Even if your factory, warehouse, or retail space is 1,000,000 square feet or larger, our team has the tools and experience necessary to control your pest issues. Enjoy fast response times in emergencies.

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