Different Types of Cockroaches in WA_Whitworth Pest Solutions

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, then you may not have realized that cockroaches do exist in this area. They primarily live indoors, being transferred from place to place via shipping or luggage. Some can live outdoors in the alleys of urban areas, where it stays warm enough at night to allow them to remain relatively comfortable. If you are dealing with an infestation, then you may be wondering, “What type of roach do I have?”

Here are the 4 most common types of cockroaches in Washington State and how to identify them:

German cockroach

This is the most common roach found in Washington State and in part it may be due to the fact that this type of roach is capable of producing more eggs than any other cockroach. The adult German cockroach grows to about ½ inch in length and can be identified by its two dark brown stripes located behind its head. This primarily pale brown creature does have wings but will rarely fly. They prefer to set up shop in the kitchen but can make their way into the bathroom or other adjacent rooms if they share an adjoining wall.

American cockroach

This roach may not be the most common but it is certainly the biggest. The one and a half inch adult American cockroach is typically reddish brown with a light colored band right behind the head. They also have large wings used for flying. These behemoths prefer to live in cluttered basements and feed off of paper goods, sewage and almost any garbage (like all roaches).

Brownbanded cockroach

As its name suggests, these dark brown critters are best recognized by the light colored bands that run across the base of the wings. Similar in size to the German cockroach, these roaches are very active. The males are capable of flying and will actually jump when startled. They prefer to live in residential buildings where it’s warm. They also tend to hide in elevated spots and in electrical appliances.

Oriental cockroach

Almost as big as their American cousins, the Oriental roach is approximately one and a quarter inches in length. They do not fly, and tend to live in the outdoors in cool, moist locations. Unfortunately, when the temperature outside drops, there can be mass migrations of Oriental roaches indoors where they will set up shop in basements and other moist areas.

Now that you know what type of roaches you may be dealing with, contact Whitworth Pest Solutions today for help with exterminating these unwanted guests.

Feature image: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock