Breaking News: We believe we’ve discovered the next non-human life form that expresses their opinions without our traditional forms of communication. No doubt most people have heard of Paul the Octopus. Remember? He predicted the winner of the 2010 World Cup.

Well we stumbled across some subterranean termites–yes we’ve devolved a little bit here–that may have been trying to tell us something. Or it could be that “Whitworth Admin” is very tired at the moment and may be hallucinating.

Consider this picture of subterranean termite damage to a book:

The patterns created are quite amazing and almost art-like:

But upon closer inspection, we discovered this:

Are the termites implying they’re for smaller government by destroying a book that explains the Medicare drug plans? Has the world gone crazy? Do we really need another celebrity offering their completely uneducated opinion during this already nasty political season? As far as destroying books, why couldn’t the termites pick these:

It seems Paul now is parlaying his celebrity status with a book deal? How ironic. Click here. A book deal. It figures. Hmm…. Hmm….I could be the termites’ agent–they could have their book and eat it too! –Aargh


*Note: Whitworth Pest Solutions takes no official stance on government, politics, Paul or other Octopi . The views expressed in this blog entry do not necessarily represent the views of Whitworth Pest Solutions or its qffiliates. They are, however, representative of someone who perhaps possibly may stay up too late at times and possibly may think about pests way too much.