For most homeowners who spot a rat in their home, the rat exterminator is quickly called. For mice, however, you may be asking yourself, “are mice dangerous?” The short answer is yes―their ability to spread disease and chew on wood and wires (and almost anything else) can bring danger. Read more to understand the risks of mouse infestation and what you can do to prevent them from invading your home.

What Are Common Types of Mice?

In the Seattle area, the most common type of mouse is the house mouse. These mice tend to be one solid color; usually, gray, light brown or black. As their name would suggest, the house mouse is more likely to be found inside your home, hiding in your walls or attic. Another type of mouse in the Seattle area is the deer mouse. A deer mouse has a brown coat, white underbelly, and white feet. Primarily an outdoor rodent, these mice are more likely to be found around your property or in places like barns or sheds.

Both of these mice are small and may seem harmless, but they carry risks that shouldn’t be ignored.

Why Are Mice Dangerous?

A small mouse may seem cute but is a prolific spreader of disease. The deer mouse, for example, is known to carry Hanta viruses that can cause serious life-threatening disease. Most deer mice will scurry away once you come into contact, but the urine and droppings they left behind will not.

Other types of diseases spread by mice include Salmonella and Plague.

If you notice a mouse in your home, it’s essential that you call a pest control specialist right away to avoid further infestation. Mice infestations can lead to severe structural damage to your home. If mice infiltrate your walls, they will chew on wood and potentially chew wiring. This is a hazard that leaves your home vulnerable to fire and even structural failure.

What Can You Do To Prevent Infestations?

To prevent infestations of rodents, it is important to seal any gaps or cracks in your home. Specific places to check for gaps include:

  • Gaps in the home foundation
  • Spaces around your fireplace
  • Around windows and doors
  • In cabinets
  • Crawl spaces and attics

Rodent Control in Seattle, Washington

The experts at Whitworth Pest Solutions will inspect your home or business, find the point of entry for these mice, and eradicate the problem effectively. We will trap and eliminate the rodents already inside, cleaning out the damage and mess left behind. If you find droppings of any kind or suspect a mouse invasion, call Whitworth Pest Solutions today.