About Whitworth Pest Solutions

Mission Statement:

To develop long-term relationships with our clients while providing effective pest management that exceeds their expectations.

Core Values:

Our core values are they key driving beliefs that guide our decision making, determine our priorities and lead us through to realize our Vision:

1. We value education both for our employees and clients.

A knowledgeable employee is one that does the job right. Therefore, the client will benefit. When we are able to impart our knowledge onto the client, they are able to make educated decisions that benefit everyone in the long run.

2. We value job experience.

Education is part of our employees’ working repertoire. Experience fills in the rest. We recognize that an experienced employee can anticipate a myriad of possibilities. This protects the client from unanticipated consequences and produces better results.

3. We're committed to the conscientious use of pesticides and to the health of our environment.

We always follow the letter of the law when applying products. We also research and stay on top of the latest products that produce less of an impact to our environment while still delivering excellent results.

4. We're committed to treating every client with respect and professionalism.

We handle every situation with respect and professionalism regardless of circumstances.

5. We value building relationships with our clients.

In every situation, we work with our clients to develop a fair and cooperative environment in which all parties benefit. Exceeding expectations is a priority.

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