We all know having critters and pests at the office is not good for the bottom line, but how do you keep them away? To get your office pest-free, it is essential to hire professionals who can evaluate your specific situation and get a plan of action running. To get an idea of the most common issues affecting businesses, we’ve compiled the top five pest control services you will likely need for your office environment:


No one likes to see a mouse or rat scurrying across the break room as they finish their lunch. Rodents leave droppings, spread disease, create nests from scraps they find, and nibble on documents and office supplies. To eradicate them, it is necessary to close off small openings and holes where they can gain access into the building as well as decreasing food and water sources. Having rodents is unnerving, but calling an exterminator will ease your stress by ensuring that they are gone.

Bed Bugs:

Notoriously named after the place where people notice them most often, bed bugs don’t just love beds. They thrive anywhere that gives them access to people as they feast on human blood. In offices, they can be found in places like curtains, tables, and chairs. Bed bugs can cause an infestation quickly, leaving behind disgusting blood stains, exoskeletons, and causing allergic reactions in the form of itchy red welts and bites. To prevent and get rid of bed bugs, vacuum surfaces regularly, wash and dry linens and curtains, and call a pest control service as soon as you suspect you might have a problem.


Flies are one of the most annoying and dirty insects and are a huge turn-off at food establishments. No one wants to eat a burger and fries with a fly circling above. That is why it is essential to keep your business extremely clean – sweep up crumbs, clean drains, take out the garbage, and do regular inspections to make sure that everything is in top shape. Unfortunately, a few flies can quickly turn into hundreds because of their ability to reproduce rapidly, so keep a close eye on them as soon as you notice an issue.


A very adaptable and difficult pest, cockroaches are common in the office kitchen or cafeteria. They are also disease-carrying bugs, including being spreaders of salmonella poisoning. It is prudent to get rid of them as quickly as possible to ensure the health and safety of your employees. Because they are hard to deal with, taking preventative measures such as decreasing moisture and performing stringent sanitation are keys to long-term elimination. If you do spot a cockroach in your establishment, call an exterminator as soon as possible as they are tricky to completely exterminate without a professional.


Offices are a common hangout for ants because they love to eat leftover food in kitchens and desk drawers. They can come in from outside or live in wall and ceiling voids. In especially bad cases, carpenter ants will eat away at supports in your building and compromise the safety of those inside. To avoid an infestation and possibly costly repairs, call a professional for help.

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