When pests infiltrate your property, they mean business. They immediately get to work spreading diseases, chewing through your home or business, contaminating food and making a space for themselves among your belongings. The best way to limit their damage is by eradicating them as quickly and effectively as possible. Educate yourself about the following five pest control myths to make sure you are responding to the intruders in your home appropriately. Ready to partner with a trustworthy and reliable pest control provider? Contact us, today!

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1. Insecticide Is Foolproof

Most people assume that anyone can apply pesticides. After all, how hard can it be to spray some chemicals around your property? This is a dangerous myth that leads to unnecessary pest threats and property damages.

For pesticides to work effectively, you need to choose the correct type, which requires an extensive diagnosis of the pests you are dealing with. Once you determine which pesticide will create the intended results, it is important to apply it properly. Perfecting the frequency and the applied amount is key, as more is not always better. Further, applying too much pesticide can create a dangerous environment for the people and pets that live in it. It is very crucial to do extremely thorough research or entrust your pest control expert.

2. It is Easy to Tell When You Have Pests

Unfortunately, many common pests are excellent at concealing their presence. Their survival depends on their ability to remain hidden, and often they are sneakier than people realize. Pests have evolved to make themselves a home on your property, taking advantage of your resources (i.e., food, water, and protection from harsh weather). They are good at finding places to hide so it can be hard to uncover them unless you are conducting thorough and regular inspections.

3. Clean Homes Are Pest-Free

Many people believe that keeping a clean home or business automatically prevents them from developing a pest problem. It is true that a cleaner environment helps to keep certain pests at bay. Unfortunately, however, pests do not love or rely on dirty environments as much as some people think. If they did, they’d never move inside. Instead, pests go after anything they can use as a source of food or cover, and any building—clean or not– is full of opportunity for them to seek shelter in places that aren’t even visible.

4. Ultrasonic Sound Will Keep Pests Away

Ultrasonic devices have become popular in the last few years as people look for pest control that is more environmentally friendly. Many marketers of these products would have consumers believe that certain ultrasonic frequencies will keep pests out of their property. Devices sold under different brand names come and go every few years. There is an element of truth that pests can indeed hear a range of sounds that humans cannot. Experts, however, are less convinced that these frequencies bother pests, and many consumers have told us that while the devices seemed to work at first, after a few weeks or months they failed. While the pests can hear the ultrasonic device plugged into your wall, the long-term effectiveness of these devices is suspect, at best.

5. Your Pets Will Keep Pests Away

Some people believe the family dog or cat can keep pests (especially rodents) at bay. Unfortunately, while some pets might go on the prowl and catch an occasional mouse, your furry friend is not as effective as a professional exterminator. The mere presence of dogs or cats does not scare or keep pests away. Pests can also get into small spaces that your pet cannot; such as under floors, behind walls, and in air ducts.

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