Common Crawling Pests in Washington State_Whitworth Pest Solutions

Washington is arguably one of the most beautiful states in the union. With majestic views of the natural terrain and a wide variety of beautiful wildlife, our landscape can truly be breathtaking. However, it also has a healthy list of bugs that might send a shiver down your spine. Here are five of the most common insects in the state.


Ants are everywhere in this country. In Washington State, we have three primary types that seem to cause the most headaches for homeowners:

  • Pavement ants, as their name suggests, set up shop underneath slabs of concrete. They will then excavate the dirt underneath causing all kinds of problems. This is especially troublesome in garages.
  • Carpenter ants, on the other hand, prefer to make their home within the walls of your house. From this prime location, they can do thousands of dollars of structural damage to your property.
  • The third type of ant that may require professional extermination is the Odorous House Ant (aka the Sugar Ant). These tiny ants are known to invade the food supplies within your home.


Perhaps the most frightening of household pests is the spider. In Washington State, we have a few types that cause concern:

  • The infamous Black Widow (Eastern Washington) can create serious medical issues if it bites you.
  • The Hobo spider and Giant House spider cause concern because of their sheer numbers and the fact that they love to be inside. They are the ones most commonly found inside.
  • The Yellow Sac spider, while it’s bite is rare, has been known to cause pain similar to a bee or wasp sting.


Perhaps the most notorious insect for causing damage is the termite. In Washington State, we have two different types of termites that can invade your home. These are the Damp wood Termites and the Subterranean Termites.

Damp wood termites are the largest and really enjoy severely damaging wet wood. The Subterranean variety is much smaller but no less destructive; they are very skilled at attacking both wet and dry wood.


No list of household pests would be complete without mentioning the filthy cockroach. The most common types to infiltrate homes and commercial kitchens in Washington State are the German and American varieties.
The American cockroach is the biggest, measuring one and a half to up to two inches in length. The German variety is much smaller but also far more common.

Bed Bugs

These biting little pests don’t just set up shop in your bed. While the majority live near the bed, they can also live anywhere in your home. If you get an infestation of these guys, you need to seek professional extermination help immediately.

If creepy crawling pests are bugging you or your family, make sure to contact a professional pest control company to take care of business right away.

Feature image: Cherkas/Shutterstock