What are the Most Common Winter Pests in Washington State? - Whitworth Pest Solutions

As fall’s beautiful colors ebb and we feel cooler days that signal Washington winters, we also face the inevitable winter pests. Successful winter pest control begins with understanding your adversaries, the many winter pests that will prefer your warm, safe home or business over the falling temperatures and rough conditions of winter weather.

Mice and Rats

Amazingly nimble, mice and rats love to live where people provide warmth, shelter and food in winter. These common winter pests tend to shun light and activity, preferring to skitter along walls in crawl spaces, empty attics and garages.

Mice can fit through openings as small as the diameter of a dime; rats can squeeze through a quarter-sized hole. They spread diseases and will invade pantries, commercial kitchens and stored food supplies, looking for the smallest stray crumbs, including pet kibble.

Keys to preventing rodent invasion of your Washington home are removing accessible food sources and filling in small holes that act as entry points.

If you store food in your garage or basement, periodically inspect it and consider placing items in large metal or heavy-duty plastic bins. Most rodents prefer to move against walls, so simply storing food containers well away from walls can reduce the chances of invasion.


Among winter beetles that will prefer to spend cold months inside your home rather than outside, you may find ladybugs, cluster flies and stink bugs. All of these seek shelter in homes to overwinter. Other unwelcome visitors can include various spiders, although spiders are considered beneficial since they consume insects.

Preventing indoor insect pests, including pantry pests like meal moths and ants, begins with storing food in tightly sealed plastic or metal containers. Be certain cereal bags are tightly curled up before closing the cardboard flaps on the cereal boxes. Clean up crumbs and spills quickly. Sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor frequently.

Professional Treatment

If prevention did not completely prevent uninvited wintertime guests, contacting a professional pest control company quickly can at least reduce the time your family has to suffer with rodents or insects.

A professional exterminator can inspect your home, design a controlled program of pest eradication and help seal up entry points.

For correct diagnosis and treatment of wintertime pests in your home, turn to the trusted experts of Whitworth Pest Solutions. Contact us today for reliable, professional pest eradication. Our first inspection of your home or business is free.