Exclusion and Clean-Out in Seattle

Rodent Exclusion & Cleanout in Seattle, Olympia, Bremerton, Tacoma & Puyallup.

Exclusion Services

At Whitworth Pest Solutions we have experience at determining how rats or mice can gain entry into a building, whether it’s a residential or commercial building. We don’t stop looking once we have found the obvious entry point. Any pest control company can find the obvious, but we work diligently to find every possible access point.

Here is a sample of exclusion services we provide (list is not all inclusive).
  • Crawl space access door repair or replacement.
  • Filling in rodent burrows with concrete from inside the crawl space and/or filling and collapsing burrows from the outside.
  • Installing door sweeps and thresholds.
  • Installing rodent guards over dryer vent exhausts.
  • Repair and/or replacing attic vents, gable vents, soffit vents, roof vents.
  • Repair and/or replacing disconnected dryer ducting damaged by rodents.
  • Repairing or sealing around roof vent pipe boots.
  • Re-screening foundation vent screens.
  • Screening/sealing under wood or metal skirting.
  • Sealing around cable wires, pipes, etc. entering the building.
  • Sealing around sewer pipe openings exiting underneath the foundation.
  • Sealing gaps between the sill plate and foundation wall.
  • Sealing gaps where rooflines meet.
  • Sealing miscellaneous foundation gaps.
  • Securing the underside of bay windows or alcove cantilever bottoms.

Cleanout Services

Exclusion and Cleanout (Child Page of Rodents)_image3Often, it’s not enough to repair rodent access points. Sometimes the crawl space under the building or attic area above has been soiled by rodent feces and urine to the point where there are serious odor and sanitation issues. Also, the insulation may have lost much or all of its effectiveness as well as become soiled.

Here is a sample of cleanout services we provide (list is not all inclusive).
  • Crawl space vapor barrier replacement.
  • Deodorizing and treating with anti-microbial agents.
  • Vacuuming of rodent feces.
  • Removal of all rodent and wildlife carcasses.
  • Removal of all soiled insulation (bat insulation only).
  • Removal of form lumber and all scrap wood and other debris left under buildings by various contractors through the years (to lessen the chance of termite infestation)

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