Hiring a Pest Control Company–Who Do You Trust?

The Meaning Behind Pest Control Industry Certifications   Investing in a pest control company requires trust. You have worked hard to build a comfortable home, and want to make sure it stays that way. By researching services like residential pest control, ant...

3 tips to keep unwanted pests from invading your home

Finding that your home is being invaded by pests is never a pleasant discovery. As seasons and weather transition, spiders, insects and rodents attempt to enter buildings – usually with the intent of finding shelter. Below are three tips to help keep pests from...

Whitworth Loves Customer Reviews

Whitworth Pest Solutions has recently begun using Thumbtack, a creative website that allows shoppers of various home services to find contractors or vendors. It is a simple, yet effective platform that costs nothing for consumers to use, unlike Angie’s List, which...

EPA Moves to Cancel Many D-Con Products

In the past year the Environmental Protection Agency has implemented a number of changes in how rodenticides (mouse and rat poisons/baits) are used, both for the pest control industry and the consumer. The reason for the changes was to protect children, pets and...

Spotlight On: Cockroaches

Q: Do we really have cockroaches here in our area? A: Yes, we do indeed have cockroach problems here. Many people in the Puget Sound area are unaware of this. The problems here occur almost exclusively indoors, especially in multi-unit residential settings, as well as...

Rodents Continue To Be A Huge Problem In Tacoma, Seattle Area

CONTROL RATS AND MICE IN TACOMA AND SEATTLE! At Whitworth, we can’t say enough about how important an issue rodents have become in the Puget Sound area—especially rats. When people think of rodents, most think of filthy creatures that live in dirty holes and feed on...

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