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At Whitworth Pest Solutions, our success depends upon the quality of our people. From our exemplary customer service to our dedicated and licensed professional technicians, we are constantly working to maintain the standards and ethics that have made us one of the most respected pest control companies in the Pacific Northwest. When you call Whitworth Pest Solutions, you can rest assured that you are calling the best.


Dr. Terry Whitworth, PhD.

Executive Team:

Erik Hodson
General Manager

Art Bader, Jr.
Pest Control Manager

Patricia Willis
Office Manager


Patricia Willis
Office Manager

Krysti Hofmeister
Assistant Office Manager

Pest Control Department:

Art Bader, Jr.
Pest Control Manager

Mike Batten
Pest Control Supervisor, Quality Assurance

Land Care Department:

Jason Clayton,
Land Care Manager


Michael Wachtler
Pest Management Consultant

David Watts
Pest Management Consultant

Jim Stiles
Pest Management Consultant

General Mailbox:

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2533 Inter Avenue
Puyallup, Washington 98372
(888) 959-1818